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Here we grow again Update 18

By @tecnosgirl on 5 Nov 2019.
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The veg tent has some new additions

I decided to germinate 2 additional Lemon OG seeds as the first one I tried didn't germinate. And both germinated so I have out them in soil and am now waiting for them to sprout. The Gorilla Passion girls are still doing well. I am going to be putting the other one on it's own bucket tomorrow. I am going to let the oldest girl hopefully veg for another 2 weeks to 3 weeks before I put her in the flowering tent.



The flowering tent

Has a lot going on right now. As tye bushy Gorilla Glue is about ready for harvest. Her branches are getting very heavy they are starting to droop. I will give her till tomorrow so she has her full 9 weeks flowering time but I really hoped to get at least another week. The Kush OG is showing her sex and is now starting to flower. And the Gorilla Cookies is getting a really nice top growth on her. I am very pleased on how this staggering is going.


Screenshot_20191105-135530.png a close up of the gorilla glue

Screenshot_20191105-135509.png one of the side branches if the gorilla glue

Screenshot_20191105-135453.png The gorilla cookies

Screenshot_20191105-135416.png Gorilla Cookies close-up

Screenshot_20191105-135401.png the kush is finally flowering

I love watching cannabis grow

It is so interesting watching cannabis grow from seed to plant. To harvest, then dry and cure to finally enjoying the product is something I really am finding very enjoyable. Also knowing it is 100% organic no chemicals period just good soil, compost and water. It gives me peace of mind and that you can't put a price on.


Till next time stoners

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