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Here we grow again update 17

By @tecnosgirl on 29 Oct 2019.
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The Veg tent is down to two plants

Though I am attempting to germinate some new seeds. The new seeds are Lemon OG and I hope they germinate cause the Lemon strains are good for muscle spasms and I would love to be able to make some dabs from it. Both of the plants vegging in the Veg Tent are Gorilla Passion plants. I am looking forward to getting both of these done to try to see if it is any good, as it is my cross breed seeds I bred. Yes I made a spill and need to clean it up, I will eventually get around to it. I swear I am not trying to kill the Gorilla Passion but I keep stressing that one in the solo cup and I am surprised it hasn’t died yet, resilient plants they are.




The Flowering tent

I moved the Kush OG plant into the flowering tent last Wednesday morning. So far she seems to be doing fine and early sex shows a girl but we will see she likely won’t fully show for another week. But I like to keep positive about their sex but I will be on the look out to pull it if she ends up being a he or a hermie. I don’t want to seed this grow at all. The Bushy Gorilla Glue is looking really good. As is the Gorilla Cookies. I am so glad I decided to start growing.

4.PNG a look at all three of the girls in the flowering tent

6.PNG The Kush OG Plant

5.PNG The Gorilla Cookies

7.PNG The bushy Gorilla Glue

8.PNG Closer look

9.PNG Love how she is producing


So that is this weeks update

The Bushy girl has about 2 to 3 weeks left, and the Gorilla Cookies about 4 to 5 weeks longer before she will be ready to pull. The Kush still has a couple of months. But hopefully the girl I trimmed last week will be ready to smoke by the time she gets pulled. Till next time stoners, it’s 4:20 someone where so puff puff pass.