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Here we grow again Update 15

By @tecnosgirl on 15 Oct 2019.
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So after my last post

I decided to go back into my logs as the tall Gorilla Glue is looking ready to be harvested, but how can that be with 3 weeks left. Nope I messed up, forgetting I got sick and needed that emergency surgery and got behind on my updates. Which left me apparently confused on how long she has been in the flowering tent. So instead of 5 weeks like I thought it turns out last week was actually 8 weeks making today she has been in the tent for 9 weeks and she is ready to harvest. Which I am going to do tomorrow so she has a full 9 weeks to the day of being in the flowering tent.



Screenshot_20191015-124609.png Top cola

Screenshot_20191015-124641.png One of the bottom branches colas

Screenshot_20191015-124659.png a close up

The Gorilla Cookies and the bushy Gorilla Glue

Are both still doing find and I can officially say the Gorilla Cookies is a girl, she is taking after her Cookies genetics so far with how she is growing. Which always makes me very happy to see as I am a cookie genetics fan. The bushy girl is gonna be productive from what I am seeing so far.

Screenshot_20191015-124449.png The top of the Gorilla Cookies

Screenshot_20191015-124501.png the bushy Gorilla Glue

The side colas and top cola

Are even closer to the same size as the tall gorilla glue. Think I am going to try to make all my girls bushy from now on. But the final decision which methods I will be using will be after I try them.

Screenshot_20191015-124518.png Center top cola Screenshot_20191015-124531.png one of the side colas

The Veg Tent

The Kush is just about ready for the flowering tent. I am hoping to get another week of veg time before put her in the flowering tent. But she is starting to run out of space so I might only get a few more days. Both the Gorilla Passion strains I bred seem to be doing good, hopefully they are as fire as their parent strains are.

Screenshot_20191015-112515.png The Kush plant

Screenshot_20191015-112447.png gorilla passion

Screenshot_20191015-112502.png the other Gorilla Passion

So tomorrow will be harvesting day for the Tall Gorilla Glue

And I will start the drying phase followed by curing phase before we get to the I get to enjoy it phase. I will likely start germinating another seed before long.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass