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Here we grow again update 14

By @tecnosgirl on 8 Oct 2019.
Tags: grow, passionglue, gorillaglue, kush, gorillacookies,
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It has been an eventful week in the flowering tent

Last week the oldest girl which is Gorilla Glue was looking great, then all the sudden I opened up the tents and she was drooping. Upon closer inspection I discovered her buds are getting so big she is starting to droop, I think that is a good problem to have, but I am still about 30 days from harvesting her, so I got concerned she could break some of the branches from the weight. So I decided to tie the girls branches up to support them. I used a cheap yarn I found at the store. I tied the center stalk in a few places then tied that to the top bar of the tent. Then I tied the branches to the yarn tied to the top bar. All the branches are supported now, Hopefully that works cause I really don’t want to harvest her early.







The Bushy Gorilla Glue is still doing well too

As is the Tall Gorilla Cookies, I kind of wish I would have staggered the grow out a little more, as I am a little worried now there are three girls in the tent that they won’t product the way the first two have started to, but it is what it is, and by the time another girl goes in there, My oldest girl which is Gorilla Glue will be ready to harvest, and I can slow my stagger from there.


Screenshot_20191008-124517.png Gorilla Glue

Screenshot_20191008-124359.png Gorilla Cookies

The veg tent

The Kush is taking off pretty well since she was transfer into her bucket. I am hoping to get another 3 weeks of vegging before I have to put her into the flowering tent. But the way she is growing I am starting to think I might only get 2 more weeks, but would actually love to get 4 weeks so I don’t have 4 girls in the flowering tent. I think the reason why the Oldest Gorilla Glue is budding so well is because she had about a month in the tent by herself. so I want to get the staggering down to where only two plants are flowering in the flowering tent because I think that this tall girl is gonna produce what 4 plants produced my last grow. Both of my Gorilla Passion plants are doing well, they are growing bigger and stronger every day. I really hope this cross is good, as it is my own cross. In about another week the bigger one will be going into it’s new forever grow bucket.




Here is a video of what was going on with my big plant with her drooping

I uploaded it to theweedtube, so if you want to watch it you can go here

Till next time stoners

It’s 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.