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Here we grow again update 13

By @tecnosgirl on 2 Oct 2019.
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Some new activity in the veg tent

In the last week the new sprout of Gorilla Passion has went into its peat moss cup and into it's new home in the solo cup. She was stretching fast and needed that extra soil support. The other Gorilla Passion is starting to bush out some. I am attempting to low stress train her into a bushy plant. The Kush with all the stress she has already had with my emergency surgery, I am gonna just let her be.

Screenshot_20191001-205021.png Yes I took photos before cleaning up

Screenshot_20191001-204954.png The Kush

Screenshot_20191001-204853.png LST Gorilla Passion hopefully she becomes bushy

Screenshot_20191001-204927.png The newest Gorilla Passion sprout

The flowering tent

The Gorilla Cookies is finally showing early signs of sex and so far she is showing signing of being a girl. She still could turn hermie but as long as she doesn't get stressed she should stay female. Both the Gorilla Glue plants are doing well. The bushy girl is producing fairly well for as young as she is. And the big girl is now at the half way point. Hopefully she doubles the size of her buds before harvest day.


Screenshot_20191001-204752.png The top of the bushy Gorilla Glue

Screenshot_20191001-204736.png A top view looking down of the bushy Gorilla Glue

Screenshot_20191001-204716.png Top cola of the tall Gorilla Glue

Screenshot_20191001-204649.png A close up of that top cola

Screenshot_20191001-204617.png There are a lot of good size colas on the lower branches due to my side panels

Screenshot_20191001-204630.png Some of the lower branches

My humidity and temperature

The temperature is a little high today but outside temperature is high and every time we get temperatures high outside my tent inside seems to get a little hotter. I unzip the top of the tent for a while and it brings it down to the proper temperature. Thankfully my humidity is just fine.

Till next time stoners

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