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Happy Samhain lets get baked

By @tecnosgirl on 1 Nov 2019.
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Happy Halloween aks Samhain

For those who don't know today is my favorite holiday. I love Hallow's Eve aka Halloween aka Samhain. Sadly my community this afternoon due to weather has postponed trick or treating. Which suck, IMO and we are raising a bunch of pussies weaklings. I grew up trick or treating in all kinds of weather, cold, rainy, snowy. Such bull crap I got to wait till tomorrow night to see my trick or treaters. I love all aspects of this holiday. Sadly there will be no bonfire tonight as it is raining. But we celebrate anyways in our own way. This is what I plan to wear to pass out candy.


So now we smoke

As Samhain is about celebrating the harvest and there is so much beautiful harvest out there this season. Yes I am referring to all of us Cannabis growers. That I am gonna toke up in honor of Demeter the goddess of the harvest and who presides of the fertility of the earth. And to Asterion the god of Cannabis. Hopefully they will continue to bless our harvests.

Screenshot_20191031-195806.png My most recent harvest currently curing

Screenshot_20191031-195738.png A close up


Happy Halloween

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Stay warm if you are where it is cold. And just looking outside our rain turned to snow.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass