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Happy Hemp Day - Wedding Cake & Blue Lime Pie While Self Quarantining Thinking About What Outcomes We May See...

By @d00k13 on 18 Mar 2020.
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Happy Hemp Day

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HappyHempDay everyone, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves? Keeping safe? Practicing a significant level of good personal hygiene habits? Exercising a healthy amount of skepticism?

Sitting here rolling up a joint of each strain BLP(Blue Lime Pie to the right) and WC(Wedding Cake to the left) thinking about what things we may see come to reality with this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Fear is a big factor in this situation, but fear of what exactly?

IMG_2395 (2).jpg WC has a nice light minty green color while BLP the darker green with reddish orange hairs.

Fear of infection is obvious, fear of self preservation, fear of others lack of hygiene. What could this result in? What changes could we see that line up with what has been happening leading up to this point?

IMG_2396 (2).jpg IMG_2397 (2).jpg Rolling up the wedding cake first, kind of difficult to roll since it busts so fine.

We have long seen the evolution of technology slowly taking over, we are all into blockchain so I need not explain further. One aspect which in resent years has suddenly exploded along with mobile phones is cashless systems to go with. Car holders have been pushing tap cards to nearly anyone holding an account for the last 2 years yet prior that no one was willing to accept cashless in any other form then with some security built in. Slowly we are seeing integration and this scare very well may be the initiating factor.

IMG_2400 (2).jpg IMG_2398 (2).jpg Second I rolled up the BLP, rolls nice being slightly clumpy.

A big fear people have right now is handing anything back and forth to anyone at the extent our government is allowing businesses to refuse payment in cash. We are seeing things like allowing drop off of anything needing to be signed at separate "quarantined" locations. Many cash only businesses simply closing their doors for the time being.

>Blue Lime Pie >Key Lime Pie and Blue Power were crossbred to create this 70/30, indica-dominant blend. This wildly flavorful phenotype of Blue Lime Pie has a sweet and sour kush and cookie flavor. The flavor profile, very much so mimics one of its parent strains, Key Lime Pie, which is a gourmet phenotype of the superstar Girl Scout Cookies with a bold lime flavor. Blue Lime Pie is a fan favorite with patients looking to relieve chronic pain and insomnia. Be cautious, this strain contains a whopping 30.2 percent THC and although incredibly beneficial medication to regular consumers, this one could be overwhelming to those less familiar with cannabis. >Source http://culturemagazine.com/blue-lime-pie-2/

All of this makes me start to think that the fear for infection could be used to push the world into a cashless society... if you know what the implications that are then you understand why it will need to be a decision the people bring upon them selves.... like the mark of the beast we will not need to be forced but rather take it upon ourselves thinking it is our salvation.... anyways you should get my point ๐Ÿ˜…

>Wedding Cake >Parent strains Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies were crossbred to serve up this decadent slice of heaven. Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is quite a treat! This fruity and floral hybrid (60/40) has a broad โ€œcookieโ€ undertone. This particular phenotype was cultivated by @superior_flowers and tested high in the ranks for this strain, at 26.9 percent THC. Patients looking for appetite stimulation, or who have a desire to alleviate symptoms associated to arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, insomnia, nausea and PMS, are likely to enjoy this strainโ€™s balanced cerebral and body effects. Though with its heavy potency, itโ€™s recommended that novice consumers ease their way into consumption until they understand how this strain may affect them. >Source http://culturemagazine.com/wedding-cake-5/

Now with the evolution of crypto currency I don't believe this to be a bad thing exactly, we have our safe guard from controls. Companies like KOHO will continue to allow crypto purchases in Canada even if the Legacy Banking decides to restrict access completely, the question will come down to exchanges and we have decentralized options there also. The only concern I have is the ability to hold peoples money, at least with cash there are ways to circumvent having your accounts frozen when needing to pay bills. Nowadays many employers will refuse to cut you a cheque or pay in cash and yet again we see KOHO coming to the rescue allowing payroll deposit straight to your prepaid VISA....

Not plugging the service though I very well could be rahter I am just explaining how I have thought out my options best I can say we move into a cashless society...

Till Next Time Smokers....

@D00k13 OUT!!!

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