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Happy Ending With Bluecheese Auto

By @ggardener09 on 5 Oct 2019.
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*Hi all! This is G Gardener.*
*Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.*

Here, i am going to leave you with some pictures of my latest harvest results with Bluecheese Auto

Bluecheese hunging up to dry (sep 18) 66643368_1444628002346813_6183884386862397617_n.jpg 67375291_113871753090061_5726863321479816385_n.jpg 67066618_2155402391420225_6702208261988738078_n.jpg 66770714_380551772644083_7301607885633171555_n.jpg 66651926_821576094905746_58332348831456278_n.jpg 66528755_137750420802847_6617226275633449597_n.jpg

Curing process on (sep 23) 67395605_140420403838554_1295071730940825070_n.jpg 67261106_154190405661263_3753606376560308264_n.jpg 67797565_161102345003762_5793274507937715148_n.jpg 68740301_2464670956888426_1281760292280564150_n.jpg 66812249_2190471047729234_1113251168169377124_n.jpg

Sep 28 shots, so content with this happy result

67399412_902791203414985_2944864868421470398_n.jpg 67372741_161373011703906_420828945806039149_n.jpg

What you want more in life if you have a jar of cannabis with you. I’m sure you can imagine my happiness level :D 69083580_356424495284694_6562703800594819811_n.jpg 67537738_153056005779488_6621964404436839408_n.jpg

ggardener banner final.jpg

Thanks for your time :)

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