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Growing: Knowing When To Move Veg Plants To Flowering

By @goldendawne on 18 Nov 2019.
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**Knowing when to move your plant(s) from the veg state to the flowering stage can be a little concerning to some. I mean, _what if you move them too soon?_**
Most websites offer up the _flowering_ number of days until harvest; but what about the veg state?

How Do You Know?

If you’re a seasoned grower the answer is simple. You just know. You are so connected to your plant(s) that you never question the timing.

If you’re a new grower learning the ropes of cannabis growing, then you will research endlessly for an answer only to get a few different (perhaps even reliable) ones.

Websites like Leafly usually have the strain’s effect, taste, grow times and even skill level for growers.

But nothing is mentioned (or rarely mentioned) about the length of time in the vegetative stage.

In the early days, I would watch my plants every day (I still keep a close eye on the plants and I know when it’s time). Call it intuition. Call it a gut feeling. Call it experience.

I just know.


White Widow information on Leafly

It clearly states that White Widow is in the flowering stage for 60 days; but nothing about the veg state.

Even my other go-to website I Love Growing Marijuana only states the flowering time.


For me, the Weed Seed Shop offers up some good advice:

There is no strict rule on when to switch your plants from the vegetation stage to the flowering stage and it will depend on a lot of different factors, such as the amount of time and space you have to work with. The amount of time the plant spends in vegetation will also depend on the strain and whether you are growing from seed or clone

Did you know there was a difference between growing from seed versus clone and knowing when to switch?

Production Grower gives some solid advice about ALL the stages of growing cannabis. Did you know there are actually ten stages? I had never considered that!

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