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Grow update day 210

By @jeroen240 on 30 Oct 2019.
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Today another small update of the plants I had cut the Amnesia haze 3 weeks ago. I cut the Dutch hope 2 weeks ago. They have been drying since then and that is going in the right direction. Most buds already feel dry so it is almost time to take the buds off and start smoking.

20191030_155459.jpg These buds are from Amnesia haze.

20191030_155519.jpg Amnesia haze.

20191030_155525.jpg Amnesia haze

20191030_155533.jpg Amnesia haze these buds are still smell nice.

20191030_155554.jpg This is Dutch hope of which many buds had started to rot, luckily the rot did not continue during drying. For this I also cut away all the rotten parts.

20191030_155600.jpg Dutch hope

20191030_155606.jpg Dutch hope

20191030_155613.jpg Dutch hope

This will probably be one of my last grow updates but next May / April I will be back and I will start planting again probably 2 seeds. I still have seeds from:

  • Sweet skunk
  • White widow
  • Peyote cookies
  • Amnesia haze