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Grow update day 201

By @jeroen240 on 21 Oct 2019.
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Last week I also cut the Dutch hope. This one had a lot of rotten buds but still a lot of good buds. I cut the rotten pieces out of it so that it cannot rot any further when they are drying.

20191014_142147.jpg This is Dutch hope before I start cutting.

20191014_142432.jpg This is a bud that is rotting, the bud of which I have cut off.

20191021_121604.jpg At this top he was rotting in the middle, I cut it all away and I hope it won’t rot any further.

20191021_121655.jpg This is how the decaying buds look like this is a shame because I can throw them away instead of a few nice buds to smoke.

20191021_113454.jpg The Dutch hope hangs on the left and despite the rot, there are some nice buds in between.

20191021_121620.jpg This is a good bud of Dutch hope.

20191021_113438.jpg This is the Amnesia haze which has been drying for 2 weeks. This is almost ready. I also got the most buds from this and not 1 that started to rot.

20191021_113501.jpg On the left is Dutch hope and on the right Amnesia haze.

Wait a little while and then I can smoke it with some friends. I wonder if it has become good weed.