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Grow update day 186

By @jeroen240 on 6 Oct 2019.
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Yesterday I came back from my vacation. I was super curious about how the plants would look. During the past one and a half week it has rained and blown a lot. I was afraid that the plants would be rotting or blown. Fortunately the Amnesia haze looks very good, but the Dutch hope does not look so good.

20191006_164859.jpg This is the Amnesia haze this is almost ready to be picked.

20191006_164927.jpg This is a close up of a bud and as you can see the hairs are already pretty brown so it is time for me to prune and dry them. But I want to wait a few more drying days so that they don’t have to hang wet from the rain.

20191006_164943.jpg These are some strains full of buds from the Amnesia Haze.

20191006_164955.jpg This is the upper bud. I will try to cut and dry the Amnesia haze of the week.

20191006_165008.jpg This is the Dutch hope and as you can see, it doesn’t look too good. I think he contracted a fungus because he already had many leaves with white spots before the holiday. Now he already has a few buds that have become rotten. This may also have been due to bad weather, but I don’t think so.

20191006_165019.jpg As you can see in this photo, the bud is pretty rotten. Fortunately it is not that many buds that are rotten.

20191006_165024.jpg 20191006_165047.jpg On these photos you can see a few good buds but there is not much to it yet. So I don’t think the Dutch hope will be much. The coming day I will take a look when I am going to prune the Amnesia haze and I will not know when the Dutchhope I am going to prune it. I will keep you updated in the following blogs.