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Grow Setup Update

By @melanson on 19 Nov 2019.
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Well it's been a good minute since I've posted. I've just been to busy with work and life so everything else got put on the back burner.

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My tents are all made by Vivosun except for the two 16x16x48 they are no names off ebay. The Vivosun sizes are two at 36in x 20in x 62 in and my small veg tent is 30in x 18in x 36in. I find you really cant beat Vivosuns build quality to price point.

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At the moment I have my humidifiers turned off and yellow stickey cards up to try and kill of the fungus nats. I tried pot poppers but im pretty sure they were old and dint do shit. The next thing I try will be neem oil.

I have upgraded from two 300 watt LED mars hydro lights to an ElecrticSky ES180 and man do I love this light. Less power draw and a higer yield

Under the ES180 I have 2 Autoflowers growing one Amnesia and a Sweet Pure CBD which is a 15:1. I've found autos to be very hit and miss and for that reason after this crop I will be putting photoperiods under the ES180. I've also switched from the fabric smart pots to plastic air pots but I plan on doing a post about that later

I have replaced my homemade CFL veg light with a 12in by 24 in 6400k vivosun light

Under the 6400k Vivosun I have a Gorilla Glue #4 and a Y Griega CBD which is a 1:1 plant and has been one of my favourite plants to smoke so fare the CBD makes for a nice calming high with no anxiety

I cut my homemade veg light in half and bought some 1 to 2 socket adapters so I could run two 6400k and two 2700k CFL bulbs and put the light in the extra 16in x 16in tent. I only plan on using this tent for any unfeminized seeds I get. I only buy feminized but I usually get a couple of free unfeminized seeds with my orders

Under the homemade light I have an unfeminized Zkittlez Autoflower. Being a free seed I would love if it was a female but I also won't be to upset if it's a male. If it's a male I plan on saving the pollen to try out some breeding in the future.

Last we have the two 1000 watt king LED lights. I plan on switching these out after Christmas for another ES180

Under the two 1000 watt king LED's I have a Kushy Kush and a Jack Herer both photoperiod. These were the first two strains I grew but being new into growing I ran into some issues and they didn't grow very big. These girls are definitely doing much better.

I wanted to simplify things a little bit so I switched from organic bottled nutrients to organic dry amendments that I mix into my growing medium at the start and top dress with every 25 to 30 days. I watched some videos on the difference from soil to coco as a growing medium and figured I would do the switch I have to say that was a great idea not only is coco cheaper I find the plants love it.

My drying tent nothing to special just a 16in x 16in x 48in tent with a extraction fan