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Grape Pie

By @smokeykitty on 6 Jan 2020.
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Grape Pie

Species 70% indica Genetics Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper Effects Euphoric and at ease Flavor Warm berry pie Potency 20% THC https://i.imgur.com/sNdML3x.jpg


Any time I see a purple bud I get excited! There’s just something about this color that smokes so good. This Grape Pie was an absolute delight that I can’t wait to share. https://i.imgur.com/dPVryiw.jpg Some of the nugs are light green on the outside with deep purple tones buried within. I can’t stop admiring the marvelous array of colors. https://i.imgur.com/YajG7pB.jpg This Grape Pie smells as fantastic as it looks. I love the fruity, earthy aroma emitted from the terpine-covered trichomes. I’m practically salivating and getting the munchies just thinking about lighting up. https://i.imgur.com/vuboGhi.jpg The high hits fast, leaving me completely relaxed but also feeling creative. Don’t forget the snacks before this smoke! https://i.imgur.com/179RPes.jpg Because the high wears off as quickly as it sets on, I like to mix a little pollen in for an extra kick. This little trick helps me stay in my creative flow longer. https://i.imgur.com/CukTWAt.jpg The taste of this strain reminds me of grape soda or fresh berry pie. I think the vaporizer would be the best way to get the full intensity of the flavor. https://i.imgur.com/hCujQ5S.jpg What’s your favorite purple bud?

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