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Gorilla Passion Grow Update [GU 24-03-2020]

By @relaylogix on 25 Mar 2020.
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I have been growing a Gorilla Passion this season, from a seed supplied by @tecnosgirl. Here is a little update...

So far the plant is looking ok, for being shoved in a box in the basement that generally is 64°F. The plant is really starting to bush out, after all I have been pinching nodes since stage 2. The Idea is to grow this one similar to how I cultivated the Snow White last year. I may have an issue here though, this plant stinks way more than the Snow White I grew last season. Anytime I brush a leaf, and even sometimes in the am, I get that awsome skunky funk we all love! This has me thinking about flowering this one indoors. I know @tecnosgirl really wants to see it outdoors, so I may still get it outside. 001.jpg **         (week old image)**

That is what it looked like about a week ago. Figured I would throw in an image for growth comparison. As you can see in the next few pictures, the branching has begun...

I need to get a few of these nodes to get a bit larger so I can cut my clones. Wit the intention of getting it into my buddies tent that is running the 12/12 cycle. This allows me to know the sex of the plant prior to locating it in my garden outside. If I didn't do this step, I may be shit out of luck come flowering time, if all my plants were to end up male. With the added dilemma of this CoVid19 outbreak, this function may be hindered. I may have to construct a small grow chamber to make this happen on my own, we will see how this all works out. 002.jpg

I can not express enough how grow lights add a wonderful look to the cannabis leaf. That deep blue, purple with red accents. The look can almost convey the smell, or at least invoke one's memory, if one exists, of the fresh canawonder!

There is something to be said about the smell of a grow. Medium, dankness, green fresh, you get the idea. Just like walking in your local national forests, that earthy freshness with a touch of marijuana. 003.jpg

Even though the lights make a great photo, it is also nice to see the plant in natural white light. You get to see more of the bright green yellows that are involved in cannabis's invigorating new growth...

It also allows you to see the lushness of the foliage that accents the definition of the leaf. I could spend all day with my plants if time would a lot it. Here for at least a month, I may be having some extra time for them. With the CoVid19 hysteria, my place of employment has shutdown upon order of the state governor. There will be more time for the kids, for the plants, and for all my digital projects, including my current dev projects in the works for the Smoke Network block chain. 004.jpg

Currently I am trying to get a new [backup] frontend for users to utilize when Smoke may experiencing network issues. I apologize for the lack of bud images, close ups, and smoking sessions. I assure you I am always smoking, even when writing my codes/scripts. 005.jpg

Well hell, let me make this a joint session too...

I'll twist up some of my JCX I have sitting around. Nothing special, more of a filler strain, a straight sativa, but it keeps me high. Apparently it makes my buddies wife geek out, but well her tolerance is nothing to most of us. This weed mainly just keeps me off edge, even though sometimes it blows my mind too. 006.jpg

If you remember, I had 20+ ounces from this plant last year, it shows in the leafyness, you can tell I got sick of trimming it all up by myself, and with time constraints...

No matter, well extra matter, it still smokes up nicely, it's not too harsh unless you puff it right after a truly dank bowl. That's when you know, it's not quite up to par... No worries, try again next crop. JCX produces a hell of a lot of buds, however in my region it just doesn't have the adaquate time to develop properly outdoors. 007.jpg 008.jpg 013.jpg 009.jpg

It does grind up nicely for joints though...I suppose it can't be too bad, one buddy bought as much as I'd sell him, I had to cut him off politely as now I might, no will not have enough to get me to the next harvest. Bummer...

010.jpg 011.jpg



Hope your lock down, where applicable, is going easily. Keep puffin, and stay sane!

Until next time, toe toe toke it up!