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Get Yourself A Copy!!! 2020 NugPorn Book Submissions End Today!!! Its Not Too Late!!!

By @d00k13 on 23 Dec 2019.
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Get Yourself A Copy!!!

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So having just opened my package from much earlier this year and loving the #NugPorn Book then going and investigating how to participate as I did notice the Submission Post but failed to follow up on it 🤦‍♂️ I realized today is the…


Last Day For Entry, Dec 23rd

I went and submitted my NugPorn shots from the year via the Discord Channel in hopes to be selected for the upcoming book and noticed a lack of entries…


Do you want a free NugPorn Book featuring you?

Simply participate by entering your already taken photos and written posts!

Submission Post

Check out the submission post above for details and a look at the entire 2019 book
🔥 8 participants receive a free copy and 4 are given away yearly 🔥

Submission Discord Server

Quick link to the discord in case like me you feel the last minute pressure 😁
I really wanna get me a copy, how about you?

More Entries Needed

So I started writing about how I feel winning this book on Steem here and quoting myself…

>Don’t Underestimate The Healing Power Of Creativity 🙏 My Prize A Smoke.io NugPorn Book, sometimes we stuck in the daily struggles of life can overlook the outlets available to us. Creativity is one of those blessings that cannot be taken away yet we can endlessly share the joy with others. Something as simple as a thoughtful creation has the power to both relieve the creator while lifting the receiver, knowing this is why I deeply appreciate this gift 💝

Since I deeply appreciate this gift I feel it necessary to try raise a little awareness while running into the final hours of submission… so much goes into something like this from the custom graphics and organization all the way to contributors taking the time to do so…

Take That Time

Show @Tecnosgirl the support she deserves by participating in the…

2020 Smoke.io NugPorn Compilation Here

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind? For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It’s Time To Run That Idea Out? I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain… hit us up in discord 👌

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