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GASBAND—32%/G’NiGHT—25% PRE-ROLL DUO: When the Universe Has your Back

By @potspoon on 1 Nov 2019.
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SUPER LONG day yesterday leaving my house at 4:30 am and getting home at 9 PM :(

T - 3 days in the move. 2 interviews down and 2 job offers. BIG CANNA CONFERENCE SUNDAY. All is super fucking good, but I just have to survive myself through it all!

Again—because of the moving and grooving, the PRE-ROLL option has been a life saver! I stopped by my home dispensary #FIRSTSTATECOMPASSION and check it out!

2 pre-rolls, $10/each, 2g total. SALE!

I selected:




At this point it is about 5:30. I worked 5-11am. Drove 90mins to the beach where I unloaded a car full of shit I’ve carried around for the last 10 years and never really know why… I then went to my interview at 3:30 and am arriving at my friends to drop her a jar of cooking hash and unwind with her a little.

We are starting with our Sativa as my day is not fucking done…


GASBAND was selected for the advertisement from FSC

Gasband is a sativa-dominant hybrid that possesses a strong, fruity smell which pairs up beautifully with the happy, dreamy and talkative effects it provides.

I have smoked this before and I know a lot of people who appreciate GASBAND but it is not a strain I smoke often.

Per usual, information about this strain is limited on all my main search sites. Although it does state this strain is best used for:


I comfortably shared this pre-roll with 2 people and left a decent sized roach there. I was the perfect amount of rejuvenation for the last stretch of my day.


Another almost 2 hours in the car and a stop at WAWA later and I was home! Time to enjoy a pre-roll all to myself!


G’NIGHT is a specialty roll from FSC and, although their website or in-house master strain lists don’t give any info on G’Night, the budtender was able to tell me one of its parent strains was Northern Soul. Taking that information to Leafly I was hoping to get some more deets but…



“We call it G’NiGHT because it will make you go night night”

I’ll take it! With another day of travels I am happy to have some help falling asleep. My mind is a wondering soul with its own compass! Anything I can do to keep my sleep time up will help as I tend to get extra unstable when I’m not minimally rest.


I earned this! Time to light her up.


I apologize for not having more to offer about taste, smell, or effects. I do know that weed helps me. Access to safe cannabis has changed my life.