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By @potspoon on 27 Sep 2019.
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Trip to the dispensary during a break from work today! I typically go to the dispensary 2-3 times a month. I get one larger purchases towards the end of the month and then try different grams as the weeks pass…


Today I picked up:

Alien Jack 33% (I’m super happy this is in a gram and not a pre roll today 👏) —Purple Queen 18%Dry Ice Hash 37%Indica vape2 Cooking Hash and for a special little sneak peak into how we keep our blood THC positive and out pew THC negative in Delaware… —Quick Fix (will explain more in the end)


Full reviews coming this week!! It is just me that feels totally fucking complete knowing I have weed for weeks 🙋🏻‍♀️

First, ALIEN JACK 33%

My #1 at FIRST STATE COMPASSION and always delivers a killer high while not stealing any motivation or momentum from your day!

A gram of this is $15 and will typically last me 1-2 days depending on how much I’m smoking…

Tonight I have BIG PLANS to restock toiletries at my house so I have plans to go shopping with a friend this evening. We will be rolling this delicious stain up in an even more delicious milk chocolate paper for a big adventure at the Christmas Tree Shop

Don’t miss that post tomorrow 😉


Next, PURPLE QUEEN 18% and wow guys!! I cannot wait to open this package! The pic doesn’t do justice to what I can see behind the plastic!

This baby was a little extra at the dispensary, $56 dollars for an 8th as compared to $50 which most 8ths are…

It is for a friends bday tomorrow so I hope it’s worth that extra $6 🤗


The THC is just at about 18% and I’m not worried about that but I’m also prepared Incase it delivers less punch than we are looking for tomorrow with some DRY ICE HASH 37%

Dusting the purple will be no problem!! And for $30 bucks you can dust as much as a gram will let you!


As always, we picked up 2 DECARB’D COOKING HASH jars for $45 each. Both are weighing in at 2.6oz which is a weight I’m happy with as the dispensary has told me the lower the weight the high the THC and I guess I believe them 🤨

I have been bursting at the seems with cooking ideas and these 2 jars will supply me with weed for at least 3 definite recipes with the potential for a 4th! Stay tuned this week for these recipes:

1. No bake chocolate bars

2. Energy balls

3. Honey

4. I think I’m going to have plans that will put banana pancakes on the menu!

1 jar last me 7-10 days once made into edibles. I’ve made the mistake of cracking this baby to “pinch” out of and ended up finishing a jar in 2-3 days.

⚠️ Warning— TMI ⚠️



It’s about 3:20 atm and I just got home. I’ve been hitting the vape pen since about 2:45 when I placed out of work ✌️. I will now sober up for the next 2-4 hours to enjoy my evening smoke sesh plans with a friend and not be too burnt out! 🥴

The vape pen, or just pen as I call it 🖊 is super discreet! Definitely has a smell, but it’s faint and it disappears quickly. Hitting it in your car with the windows up or your bathroom with the door shut might catch a nose or 2, but really it’s unnoticeable.

Carts (cartridges) are specific to my dispensary and only come in #indica or #sativa strains—Not specific strains in each category. The bottom of the cart is magnetic and pops right into the allotted spot with what they call a sleeve to cover it.

Full grams = $70 1/2 grams = $35

This cart is listed at 83% and will last me 12-15 days (full). & 7-10 (half) when I’m also using other products.

When I had to rely fully on the carts (no edibles or flower) a gram last 5 days and 1/2 last 3.


That FINALLY brings us to QUICK FIX. Sold at a cigarette shop near the dispensary not AT the dispensary…


Synthetic urine you can purchase for $35. You get 3oz. While I have used this before, this is NOT for me…a friend of mine asked me to pick it up on my travels as he works construction and booked a gig at a hospital that is requiring drug screens.

I have used Quick Fix once in the last 9 years and it was when for employment. I was a registered medical marijuana card holder at the time. In Delaware, medical marijuana is legalized, not recreational. Due to the federal regulations, marijuana positive drug screens can still effect employment opportunities!!!

You are protected from losing employment if you are prescribed medical marijuana and your employer finds out—you cannot be terminated (unless otherwise indicated due to job requirements). Employers can, however, not higher you if you have a medical marijuana card (not officially of course). To make things even a little more complicated, if your employer received federal assistance, they do not have to honor the medical marijuana program.

I work in non profits and they are definitely federally funded AND regulated. So…

QUICK FIX FIXED ME! Package includes 3 ounces synthetic urine with a temperature strip on the outside and a hand warmer included to keep temp right!

Microwave til you hit the target temp indicated on strip (around 98.6 degrees obvi lol) and then rubber band it around the hand warmer and viola!

Suggestion if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to use synthetic urine…pay more for more ounces and you don’t need to use it all! Also—be sure to do research about the testing site. Here, you are checked before giving your urine but not observed which makes the process just way easier.

Welp! That’s all friends! Will be sharing more deets about these products this week! Hope everyone gets a chance to share what they are up to today!!