By @grahamsvorten on 15 May 2020.

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So New England is the size of most states and cities like Boston and Providence are less than an hour apart, so it’s not unreasonable for Bostonians to go to Providence every now and then, especially as a stopping point for food on a trip to NYC or something.


As small as Providence is, it is somehow sectioned off into different neighborhoods, and like all world class cities it too has a little Italy. Theirs is called federal hill.


Federal Hill is sandwiched between the hospital and the hood. As you get to the area ..poof ..there’s like three or four blocks where you can get nothing but amazing Italian food and pretty late at night , which alone is a reason to go check out Providence, for the hard pressed Bostonians.


So I Knew that Federal Hill is the place to go for food, I didn’t have a place in mind so lucky for me I said to my GPS “Federal hill” and “pizza” The smart phone was obviously smart enough to direct us right to Federal Hill pizzeria.



.... going all the way to big Apple 95 south so Providence makes sense because lately the world is a tough place to get food after 9pm.


Image from web search result

A huge win, federal Pizza was a great place to go for a slice of the nice and with weed as the lead.


Neopolitan style is my favorite and these guys nailed it plus the people are super nice and the food was delicious.


We smelled like weed so bad. They were closing up. The owner was up front and he laughed and said wow you guys stink but don’t worry I like weed people.


He said his place is really popular with the local cannabis crowd and they sometimes do fun events, tonight I guess making pizzas on A Zoom video party


During the pandemic he said “business has been very good, and his customers have been very supportive”,


He told that it’s very difficult to not be able to have people actually inside the restaurant, not to mention the absence of any sort of nightlife. Obviously that’s what this place is all about.


no baseball but you can still get hot dogs but no beer. I mean I’m still down... but it’s whack.


They seriously have an amazing location and I’m definitely going back. The owner was talking to me about looking for a way to integrate hemp into his dough, because hemp seed is such an amazing super food. Let it be known, I’ll be the #one customer, absolutely, if they can get that together.


highly recommended .....as it were.

Except for the funny and otherwise marked NE map all images by Joey SLLiks

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