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Flowering update

By @gallahad on 1 Oct 2019.
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12 days on a 12-12 light cycle after vegging outside in the natural sunlight D0238A66-0C1F-4910-97A2-F21994CD9859.jpeg Right before I took it inside a grow tent and under a 600w light I defoliated B3CE3A56-E89D-40F3-BF89-DC058266CD0C.jpeg here is an updated a few weeks later…BCCDB248-68EB-423D-BD2F-9C68602ADC43.jpeg3CEF6AB6-051B-45BC-B1A6-DDE7A4B28EC5.jpeg84106CE8-03A2-4EA6-9ED5-0FBF0C3D9984.jpeg She is growing like a bowl, giving the inner and lower buds a chance to grow up too68F2BB27-2858-4DD7-94D6-30BD1CF716CB.jpeg I think it’s going to yield very well when I harvest. After 12 days of flowering I got a pretty good little plant. I like the genetics of this plant hopefully I’m able to keep them going.C2CBAB84-C2AC-4E18-92C2-7D242E2982AE.jpeg54525070-7B5D-4439-BB0F-7B80DA6BFF92.jpeg53543E68-D891-4DD5-817A-2C1B0D60FAC6.jpeg also got some trichomes starting to show up too D32E031F-9F53-4CE3-ADBA-CFEE0584E630.jpegED27D81B-2EBC-4C5A-BE2D-F8995315FA5F.jpegDDD28332-C151-424A-9F84-BEEC94F8443B.jpeg01E02D0E-B372-44BC-BEB6-18A8E56454DD.jpego feel pretty good about this plant and my other younglings that I have in a 24hr / 20-4 cycle until I get to harvest my big plant.