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Flower time

By @gallahad on 22 Sep 2019.
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I switched to the 12-12 light cycle in a grow tent 03C5A148-529C-4B26-A2F5-E09E825AC684.jpegI wanted to post some updated pics of the cherry wine in earlier flower 94DE7C1F-6145-449B-ACDB-577B29DC01AA.jpeg I defoliated right before I put her in my newly ordered grow tent 3D5385A6-E509-4947-B577-62756189AC5D.jpeg I got her under a 600w grow light with veg/bloom/veg+bloom settings i’m Alternating between veg and veg+bloom settings I‘m still trying to figure out which one to go with. 13240112-F5D9-4A6E-A487-4F394C219ABA.jpeg07ED40C8-D241-4D5A-8C61-51706225A2F7.jpeg I’m going to go full spectrum with the lights I have the option of veg/bloom/veg+bloom. Here are a couple picks of buds 1A38AB72-B137-4C00-AA2C-DAFDA94F6DD1.jpeg102C95AA-5995-4630-98C5-F349A60BF592.jpegD98B3A35-B9CD-45B3-8310-52E7024F9E3A.jpegBA939602-5AE2-472A-AD25-745103169B5D.jpeg I did defoliate the middle of the plant to get some of the buds on the middle growing up alsoB93FA4AE-0566-4963-A3BF-D135F94703EB.jpeg It has like a bowl grow style when I FIMMED it and grew 4 tops 31D84817-0B2B-4CEA-99D8-1C0557084A59.jpeg