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Flower and clone update

By @gallahad on 12 Sep 2019.
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After defoliating 9B5C38BA-5195-41F1-AEFC-0604E84A2A6E.jpeg and going into week 2 of flowerCF5D2192-A05F-4048-ACA4-F20ACB05D560.jpegDC93825D-307B-4D32-8881-051DE5CAD76D.jpegC53EE6CA-8D37-40CE-986F-B53E2C100BB1.jpeg9192FB51-814B-427A-876D-9FA0492BB9DD.jpegC172B09F-08AA-49D6-87A8-21DD8CE9BBBE.jpeg I decided to clone this cherrywine plant, to keep the genetics 92857818-7349-4049-BF1D-91C18A68BF1C.jpegI cut the to bottoms and used a rooting powder to start the cloning process A18756DB-59EC-4C03-9A77-B3FD910DAA4E.jpegA446BDBC-20A8-4AA7-847E-F7A25140A6A1.jpeg37FCB742-3C3B-4D22-85BA-38521F8F7110.jpeg one of the clones was really droopy, because I may have over watered it. So I used a wooden stake to tie it too for support B1C176B2-3129-469B-B0B2-697733ACC89F.jpegAlso while all the cloning was happening my 2 seedlings started to work A94F1317-4728-437E-A092-5B1F461AFD30.jpeg29DE341E-9FDF-40EE-AD59-0E174D7EE519.jpeg I’m hoping to get a male out of one of these seeds to use to pollenate on of the females to make seeds, of the genetics of the male plant are good. With FIMing the top of this plant, defoliating some of the bigger leaves and taking the bottoms off. I managed to get some good response for the potential colas of this plant. Clipping the bottoms for it, my flowers responded very well.9599D76D-D97B-4D1B-998B-0C5C7B018F87.jpeg1434A168-181F-4CE3-B641-59DA3B14830F.jpegFBC97681-C8B1-4DD4-9EBB-F57D603EF265.jpeg4E76C0B9-1F87-4576-B7B2-D7629455E991.jpeg I have about 10 potential colas that have started flowering. C3C6DF62-1993-4E0D-B0F6-A26D386C48BF.jpegI haven’t done much, if any low stress training. B7E8883A-DC85-47E7-874A-1AFDF1A9323A.jpegbut some of the bud sights under the main buds. Thanks for watching and I hope to keep showing good updates and taking advice from others.