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First snow

By @aleksandr on 9 Dec 2019.
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Hello, dear friends!

Today the first snow fell in small quantities, but this snow was enough to hide the earth and plants from frost.
Having dressed warmly, I went outside to breathe fresh frosty air, and in turn, will be treated by medicinal smoke. I smoke medicinal sativa during the day, which gives me a cheerful mood. In short the beginning of days, I have worked. What I wish you, dear readers.! After the use of medicinal smoke, my mood lifted, which was already good. But as they say, a good mood does not happen much. I immediately took the camera and took a couple of winter photos and decided to compare them with summer photos and show you, dear readers. But of course, I will add a comment to the photos. So, I will begin.
Once upon a time, in every house, one could see a samovar in the kitchen. Now it is a rarity. People replaced the samovar with a more convenient invention - called an electric kettle. But the most interesting thing is that an electric kettle works on the principle of a samovar, the only difference is that modern kettles are plastic and lightweight. My friends gave me samovars that they don’t need, I use them for beauty in the yard. But the oldest samovar stands in my collection room.
***A hut on chicken legs***
There are such fabulous characters as Baba Yaga and her hut on chicken legs. Look here, what an interesting house you can make from branches. Which will decorate your yard, in winter and summer. See for yourself. This house was made by my dad, he has such a hobby.
***My place of inspiration, no comment.***
While taking photographs, my wife made me tea from jam (blackcurrant). I drank on the street under the first snow. I liked the beginning of my day. Thank you all for your attention.
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***All health and profit.***
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