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First DAB! Plus baking/smoke sesh!

By @potspoon on 5 Jan 2020.
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Hello dabbie dabs!

I’m a little late on this post so my very first dab session was 2 weeks ago. I recently met a new friend and we’ve been exchanging notes on our local dispensaries. We have both been in recovery and left 12 step programs so that adds a little icing to the cake of understanding each other 😊

He is a dab man!


Dabs are available in wax or shatter form at a couple of the dispensaries but this one is from FSC. A mix of different strains pressed into this high THC concentrate 😋


Gravy Boy took time to explain the moving parts of a dab…and I’m super into it.


My very first hit…


Yesterday I got a little more ballsy with the dab but I only needed one hit. I am definitely interested in dabs enough to do some more playing around at home. During my first dab session and then yesterday, I realized I don’t fully understand how dabs effect me because I stayed high for HOURS after the dab.

The dab first hit by basically burning my entire esophaguses and then my whole body was on fire! The actually high sets in 3-5 mins after the hit that settles in a what felt like a bear hug from a cloud. Maintaining the topic of conversations was hard but the laughing was amazing!


I was able to FINALLY bake!


I’ve pinched decarb cooking hash into my coffee so I had 1 open jar that weighed so about 500mgs combined with a full jar of 1200mgs we got 1700mgs in this pan. I divided it into 77 pieces to get doses of about 20mgs each. Easy to take low doses and stack them for larger doses as needed.

And lastly…a little #SaladBowl smoke to end our time together.


  1. Blueberry 19% >indica FSC
  2. Bogglegum 15% >indica ColumbiaCare
  3. ISO 19% >Indica ColumbiaCare
  4. Trustafarian 27% >Indica FreshDispensary


A little indica come down for the high flying afternoon!