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Finally Got My FREE SEEDS From Seedsman!!

By @eastbuddah on 4 Jul 2019.
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Finally got my free seeds from seedsman.com in the mail yesterday! I spoke with seedsman and asked if they'd be willing to exchange sone seeds for a shout out on my facebook page, Maine Marijuana. They accepted my offer and after a little over a month I've finally got my 5 FREE SEEDS, and they threw in 6 extras aswell!! Check out the little crop edit I did on my phone 😎 20190704_025156.png 20190704_025745.jpg Here's some information on each strain to expect from me in the near future! GIRL SCOUT CRACK (very excited for this one!) Screenshot_20190704-030538_Chrome.jpg 20190704_030417.jpg

PEYOTE GORILLA: Screenshot_20190704-030738_Chrome.jpg

BADAZZ COOKIES OG: Screenshot_20190704-031734_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190704-031259_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190704-031432_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190704-031510_Chrome.jpg

STRAWBERRY BANANA GRAPE: 20190704_032527.png Screenshot_20190704-032315_Chrome.jpg

POWER AFRICA (very excited for this one too!) 20190704_033009.jpg Screenshot_20190704-032744_Chrome.jpg

BRUCE BANGER: bruce-banner-strain-1024x640.jpg Screenshot_20190704-033339_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190704-033429_Chrome.jpg

Lastly, the CHEESE! Screenshot_20190704-033605_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190704-033749_Chrome.jpg

Stay tuned for all the updates! Thanks for viewing SMOKErs have a happy 4th of July!!

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