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Final report of cultivation of Auto New York City From July 2th to September 5th.

By @green-der on 4 Nov 2019.
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Hello friends, it has been a long time since the last publication I made about review and progress of the plants and I think it is time to resume it. As you know it is time to harvest, but to be honest I am not happy with the results of this season.

Let's start with the **Autoflowering New York City** of the [Pyramid seeds seed bank](https://www.pyramidseeds.com/). I'm going to start with this one because it's the first one I've cut this year.


July 2th day

The first chalice and stigmas began to develop.

July 4th day

On this day the plant towards a month of life. Stigmas continue to grow.


July 5th

I have begun to apply flowering fertilizers. Following the [**BioBizz cultivation table**](https://www.cultureindoor.eu/14440-large_default/tableau-de-culture-biobizz.jpeg). Once the irrigation is finished the plant has begun to shrink.
**2 ml of Bio Grow / 1ml Bio Bloom / 2ml of Bio Heaven / 1ml Top max**


July 10th

Irrigation with the same amount of fertilizers as in the last irrigation of **July 5th**.

August 7th

Irrigation with **4 ml of Bio Heaven, 3ml Bio Grow, 3ml of Bio Bloom and 1ml of Top max**.


**The greenhouse I made at the beginning had to make it taller because it was too small for plants. Here is the final result and with the feline guardians.**


August 8th

**Today New York City turns 70 days.**

August 15th

It is time to start watering only with clean water.


August 22th

I do the washing of roots. To do this I put the plant in the bathtub. I spent a couple of hours pouring water until it started coming out completely clean.




August 25th

I cut the plant directly by the trunk because there are barely any leaves left to prune before finally cutting. I put it to dry hanging on a thread inside a built-in closet. It is where I always dry the grass.


September 5th

The twig is already dry and I proceed to perform the manicuring.
**Once finished I introduced the few buds into a glass jar to carry out the healing process.**


Life summary of Auto New York City

In the first stage of growth, the vegetative. The plant grew spiky and began to sprout and grow leaves quickly. In the first month of growth he had no problems related to pests or deficiencies. From the month and along with the flowering the plant stopped growing and in the few branches that had come out the flowers began to grow. Along with the flowering some white spots appeared on the leaves, especially in the lower ones, apparently they were white flies. Try to stop it with neem oil and it seems to work. Despite all the precautions taken so that the cats did not attack the plant, a couple of large leaves of the New York City car were uprooted. At the end of his life he arrived alone with a main branch.


Well friends as you can see the final result of the harvest has been two pockets and means. That’s why I told you that I’m not happy with the results of this season. Of course, the plant is not to blame for how it has been developed, rather I take full responsibility for its growth and development. It is true that it is the first time I have grown an autoflowering and thankfully, before doing so, I was informed about the steps and care to be taken into account, but even so, the result has not been optimal.

**The battle is not yet lost and I still have to harvest two plants !!**

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