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Experimental Grow In Andalusia - Day 16 ..... Crictical x AK47 Might Be A Failure And Some Good News

By @indaymers on 27 Nov 2019.
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Grow Journal - Day 16


Hola! Good afternoon from sunny Andalusia!

First off… the bad news is the Critical x AK 47 might not make it, I am not losing hope tho. The good news is that the two Green Poison grew taller as the days passed-by and we are at Day 16 as of today.

The Critical started very well but when the sprout came out of the soil, the very first leaf got caught or entangled in the seed shell and somehow got rotten. so what I did is to cut that rotten part so that it does not spread to the other side… since then, its growth became stagnant. I am still positive that it will grow because the stem and the other leaf are so green, might just take some time to cope with the stress.


The two Green Poison are now transferred to plastic containers…let´s see how they react… I have to take them inside overnight because it´s cold in the night, and we are visited by strong cold winds since 1 week now.


The Positve News

Yesterday, I called-up Diego, the Grow Shop owner down the coast and complained about Critical x AK 47 seed. I told him what happened and this nice guy asked me to come to the shop and said he would replace the seed. I bought another auto flowering White Widow to experiment with and he gave me freebies of 1 autoflowering Northern Light…


I also bought a pack of organic feed that is manufactured in Holland, an all in one feed that is to be diluted in water. I used this before in my grow at homebase, I used it alternately with my canna feeds and it had been positive to my plants. So I am sure, this will also be good in my experiment.


Surprisingly, I got a bonus seed which is the Auto Afghan Mass from OO Seeds Banks, genetics of which were Auto Afghan x Auto Critical Mass …and of course I was über happy for another freebie. Not only that, more freebies from Barney´s Seed which is this grinder and a pack of their paper too… I could have bought another grinder, but back home already got 2 metal ones from the local tobacco shop and 1 grinder from Amsterdam, so I decided not to buy another one.


I got me Raw papers and tips for my small rolling machine, I think this size is the perfect ones for me. And I was looking for some fabric grow bags like some of you are using but they are out of stock in the grow shop. So I settled for a 9 gallon white bags with handles… They are popular here because the white reflects the sun and the plants needs the sun. Not my color, but I will try them when I get back to home base.



Lastly, I will be germinating the 3 auto strains and will post an update, til then…Keep Puffin´ for a high !

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