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Experimental Grow In Andalucia - Update + Tips For Growing Outdoor in Winter Season

By @indaymers on 2 Jan 2020.
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1a. Northern Light.jpg


I hope you had a good transition and luck to start the New Year with no accidents or mishaps whatsoever! This post is about the experiment I am going through on the seeds I have germinated here in Andalucia ( Southern Spain). We have the winter season now just like the rest of Europe, but Spain offers a better winter since their temperatures are a bit warmer than Central Europe by around 10°C -15°C.

This is my first time to grow in this weather condition as I do not use grow tent. I grow my weeds outside of the house premises. Just to give you a background… I germinated different kinds of strains as follows:

1 Northern Light - Autoflowering, germinated Nov. 28. 2019 1 White Widow - Autoflowering, germinated Nov. 28. 2019 1 Afghan - Autoflowering, germinated Nov. 28. 2019

1 Critical x AK47 - Autoflowering, germinated Nov. 11, 2019 2 Green Poison - Seeds from last harvest, germinated Nov.11, 2019

2. White Widow.jpg

Except for the 2 Green Poison, I got all autoflowering seeds from the Grow Shop down the coast. Unfortunately, the Afghan (freebie) did not germinate at all, the seed probably had been defective. The Critical x AK47 germinated, but it stopped growing until now, it is still very green tho but looked as if it size is frozen!

The three seeds came from the shop called SativaGrowShop in Torrox Costa.
Experimental Blog Part 2.jpg
From the three seeds germinated last Nov. 28…only these two survived and they grew so slowly two weeks after the seeds sprouted.

The newbies, age 2 weeks were all put outside the house , but I camouflage them all as you can see with cactus by its side so that my neigbours would think I am growing cactus instead. We can grow up to 4 plants but they should not be exposed outside.

We´ve had some sunny days, after some while, I decided to place the newbies at the back of the house where they get more afternoon sunlight.
It can be so chilly here on the mountains at night, and since the girls are all outside I have to protect them from strong cold wind. So, I cut 2-liter cola bottles and use them to create a micro climate inside it. I cut off a square-like "window" so the girls could get fresh air. This helps a lot because the plastic produces precipitations during the day and night so that the newbies are moist and never dry out even when under the sun.

They have improved and are growing tremendously now that I transferred them for more afternoon sun outside.
And here I am again using my organic fertilizer from the used brewed coffee and tea and sometimes powdered eggshells. But I know, this is not enough, so I use this hybrid fertilizer below that was manufactured in Amsterdam, so the girls could get more minerals. when I water them every other day.
The following images below will show you how the newbies improved now after about 4 weeks of microclimate. i make it a habit of taking the plastic cover so that the plants could enjoy the sun and get more fresh air.
5. Northern Light.jpga
Look at how they become healthy and growing even faster! It is lovely to see the green leaves.
northern light green.png

Northern Light, above and below

6. White Widow Auto flowering.jpg

White Widow´s green leaves showed growth improvement


Epic Failure - Critical x AK47

It simply stopped growing and if you see it the leaf is quite green except for the stems
Critical x AK 47.jpg

Green Poison #1 and #2

After the micro-climate treatment on the problematic Green Poisons… they have also improved a lot.

1.1.2020 Green Poison.jpg
Green Poison seeds came from my last harvest , I am not sure whether new seeds needed to be cured before planting them in the soil.
Green poison 1_2.jpg

We already spent halfway of our stay and time here in the country, I might not be able to see the flowering or maybe the harvest. These autoflowering plants maybe harvested 60 days from seed. But, they have developed too slow…its a great thing to know that it is possible to plant outdoor even during the Winter Season. You only have to protect the weeds from the devastating hurricane-like wind sweeping our valley.

Let´s Keep Puffin` for A High!

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