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Evening Turtle Bowl Tokes with VIOLATOR KUSH 80/20 indica dominant buds

By @jackdub on 23 Dec 2019.
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Hey all - I packed up the glow in the dark Turtle Bowl for some quick evening Violator Kush bud tokes.

VIOLATOR KUSH indica dominant

The Violator Kush 80/20 indica dominant strain was created with the crossing of the Malana and Hindu Kush strains. These buds have a decent 22% THC with a smooth 1% CBD.


Violator Kush Scent

These tasty buds have a bright and dank sweet and sour berry woody pine spice scent to them.


Violator Kush Effects (Source)

The tastes of spice, Kush and pepper deliver a potent Indica high that often leads to true couch-lock. Users report feeling a lazy body buzz coming on as early as the first hit that is accompanied by euphoria. This strain is also a very social strain causing many users to feel more talkative.
IMG_20191222_194809~2.jpg IMG_20191222_194744~2.jpg

Turtle Bowl tokes

I reached for the flow in the dark Turtle Bowl for the Violator Kush tokes. In the dark this bowl is a welcomed beacon calling out to be toked.


Bowl Packed

IMG_20191222_195212~2.jpg IMG_20191222_195308~2.jpg

Bowl Blazed


Violator Kush flavor

Sweet and sour berry herbal woody pine spice bright citrus zest flavor - the berry herbal spice reminds me of Skywalker OG.


Violator Kush buzz

Laid back, relaxed, well cushioned buzz with a smooth underlying euphoric flow - perfect for end of the day tokes.


Have a great day!

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