Effects Of Palm-wine And Cannabis (Personal Experience)

By @oluwastoner on 2 Aug 2019.

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Sipping on one of my favorite wine, while i enjoy the delicacy and aroma of my cannabis is just relaxing and chilling to me.

Relaxing with weed and alcohol have a way of activating my VTA. I get to remember things and smile all through the moment. to be frank i feel like i can time travel or at least touch my objects of thoughts. It is totally gleeful. The euphoric bliss and inspiring moments isn't what i play with at all.

But one day i took a leap of faith and mixed palm wine with a different strain of weed that am not too use to (ARIZONA). i didn't have a synergistic effect at all. i suspected it should be because of the palm wine.

i went to the FELA SHRINE to relax and just smoke some weed with my friend. I took about three bottles of palm wine and then smoke about four joints of AZ. After the "gbedu enter" i couldn't help myself at all. I had crazy palpitation and then my friend laughed at me because i was always boasting that i can never loss control of my normal functions. I was high to a point of no return. i felt like the world was spinning around me. had poor sight and then crazy fast heart beat. She had to help me pour some waters on my head and then she bought sugar and a bottle water so it could calm me down.I once shared @zuculuz post with her where he said "sugar and water helps if you are too high." I was curios to what lead to the effect on me. So i decided to read extensively on the effects of mixing herbs with alcohol.

So what are the effects of cannabis and alcohol?

Back then 2001, Harvard professor Scott Lukas conducted a research. at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Below is the research abstract: Marihuana and alcohol are often used together, yet little is known about why they are combined. Male volunteers were assigned to one marihuana treatment group (placebo, low or moderate dose Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)) and, on three separate study days, they also drank a different dose of ethanol (placebo, 0.35 or 0.7 g/kg). Plasma THC levels and changes in subjective mood states were recorded for 90 min after smoking. For many of the drug combinations, when subjects consumed ethanol they detected marihuana effects more quickly, reported more episodes of euphoria and had higher plasma THC levels than when they consumed placebo ethanol. These data suggest that ethanol may increase the absorption of THC resulting in an increase in the positive subjective mood effects of smoked marihuana and contributing to the popularity of this drug combination.

After running the test on 22 males Lucas and his team results shows that when an individual consumes alcohol the ethanol in the solution can actually enhance the body ability to absorb THC. so mixing alcohol with Smaller amount of cannabis can actually give a strong effect. The reason why i was so high that day was because i took too much cannabis and alcohol. If i had taken just a spliff and enjoy my cannabis i would have been normal and still high as fuck.

Overdose of alcohol that very day i knew i actually overdose on alcohol. i had poor judgement and control. Had this crazy dizziness and all other fatal effects of D.O. according to addiction center; mixing alcohol with any drug is highly dangerous and we all can accept that cannabis is a drug. If you have to combine alcohol with cannabis then take a little hit on weed and then drink.The results would still be great.

Dizziness (Spin effect): i have once combined cannabis and alcohol and my experienced was uncomfortable. i had vertigo. and i explained that already above. So, in as much as the mixing of both alcohol and cannabis can be joyful the effect can be terrible. Only if you can handle yourself i will suggest you do not mix alcohol and herb alone. Always get someone to stay beside you in case the "GBEDU enter body" lol.

Cannabis can prevent throwing up: in as much as the mixing of cannabis and alcohol can cause spin and nauseating sensation the cannabis can also make it very difficult to throw up. i didn't throw up that very day because i smoked weed. CBD and THC compounds are the best antiemetic drugs that i know of instead of taking dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine, meclizine or any drug it is better you use CBD or THC. I for one whenever i eat noddles i feel nausea so i mostly smoke before eating noddles and i end up not throwing up. I also recommend weed for my friends struggling with after effects of alcohol. So it ends up making them sleep with no hangover effect and nausea sensations too. NOTE the only time i allow this is when he or she have vomited enough and it is getting too much.

The only way your body can clear excess alcohol from damaging the liver is to allow you vomit. So while it is okay to use cannabis to suppress the natural side effect of alcohol (nausea) it is also dangerous as it will put your body at greater risk of alcohol poisoning.

Source Of Drugs Source Of Dr Lucas Research Source Of Alcohol effects

Do you have any other experience with cannabis and alcohol? Kindly share at the comment section. Smoke On Buddy!

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