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Dunkin’, Do Si Dos Nuggs

By @grahamsvorten on 30 Dec 2019.
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DAC999FE-2894-4270-AD0C-63D208567BCD.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

This being a holiday week, it’s a great time to meet up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. [photo by JoeySLLiks]

0368C12D-99A1-4665-A569-AB7956E4E006.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

…so I’ve had one of these nice dankwoods pre-rolls, I had been waiting to burn up with a friend of mine.

A0BFCA8A-EE84-4C3E-A05D-709A63C06A90.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

This roll is 2 grams of Do Si Do bud with half a gram of hash and distillate and keif coated backwoods tobacco wrap …comes in a glass jar, with a glass filter really good quality pre-roll.

A7BEE675-7F7E-497B-B2E5-8C1CAD4E847B.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

My friend lives over by the original Dunkin’ Donuts, in Quincy MA.

32A2368B-6E13-41DE-B5E5-79B9B8CE836B.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

Just for fun we went over to the O.Dunks to smoke a blunt and have a cup of coffee.

1F7D7DC3-559B-46AE-8E27-131FA6096187.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

Now these Dunkin’ Donuts are literally everywhere in the Boston area. I can safely guess that most people will get their weed at Dunkin’ Donuts at some point in their life, because it’s a great place to meet up with plugs.

90BAAD51-6D2E-452C-9A91-F10558EAF969.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

Mostly because of the constant parade of coffee zombies in these parts, which provides great cover for the dissemination of local buds. (just be sure everybody is talking about the same Dunkin’ Donuts )

836F4F3F-E5A5-4834-AB47-DE44920F6F6B.png [photo by JoeySLLiks]

Because coffee goes along with weed, as do donuts, most people have integrated coffee into their weed sessions …usually while in their car, on break. It’s no secret that a visit through the drive through is the perfect cover to smoke a bowl or 2 before covering up the evidence with a “hot cup of dunkin” breath. gotta admit …the Stuff works.

E1878ADC-6B44-4D2E-9965-650A767F97EA.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

Back in the early days of Dunkin’ Donuts they ran a campaign featuring their Baker, Fred. The bit was that Fred lived this tortured lifestyle, at center of which was his always having to wake up rediculously early, because it was …“TIME TO MAKE THE DONUTS”.

94EFD58C-C81C-4E7A-8F80-E9B2786F2633.png [photo by JoeySLLiks]

The guy who played Fred, Michael Vale, was very much a celebrity around the Boston area, and my father a career chauffeur, actually was his personal driver for a number of years.

B497C70C-E37A-4D11-8D8E-72EC20EDFE2A.png [photo by spy agency image search]

One story that stands out to me goes back to a time when Dunkins ran a product called “Dunkin Minis”. The Minis were smaller versions of the most popular dunkin’ pastries, and they were like three for a dollar.

C17F211D-B721-4FEE-BBE6-F4E4B88A1D75.png [photo by spy agency image search]

Well, as usual , my dad drove for Fred the Baker on the trip to the photo shoot, and on the way home “Fred” was giving my dad Dunkin’ Minis through the partition window of the big Cadillac stretch he was driving.

2355D2D2-1DDC-42C2-9BB0-2B3493E414BD.png [Spy agency image search result]

My dad still likes to tell the story, and honestly I still like to hear it. I guess the whole thing was very surreal for him, and also I totally remember that those little cinnamon buns were dank AF, so it makes sense to me that he would.

9571EB60-A9BE-4CAF-A61C-9DB40AC71DB8.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

I’m not one for corporate chains and Dunkin is sure that these days, but there is still a special place in

98E81167-5A85-4620-87FD-80276C19B899.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]

my hahhht for this place and all their goofy crap, and also for the cinnamon buns and iced and hot coffees(summer/winter) ..etc. Also the single stall bathrooms are basically cheap motel rooms, usually clean and known to be a bit of a reefer refuge, especially for prepping blunts on windy days, and if I was going to be honest about it, Id have to admit that I have definitely hit my fair share of one hitters from inside them, mostly on the bad weather days of my cannabis lifestyle. …mostly.

10CBFB15-FD1F-422A-8369-2F36951FE8B0.jpeg [photo by JoeySLLiks]