Decarb’d cooking hash meets PB JELLY COOKIE—plus surprise treat at the end 😋

By @potspoon on 25 Sep 2019.

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In Delaware, I can get 1200mgs of decarb’d cooking hash for $45.

Depending on what I make (and how much I’m using) 1 jar will last me between 7-12 days.


The jars come from as low as, what I’ve personally seen, 2.3 ounces to as high as 3.4.

I am particularly happy with this jar as it’s low weight speaks to higher potency. But you know...I’m buying whatever they selling so who really knows lol


My simply adding the decarb’d hash to the “fatty ingredient” in the recipe...

I’m this recipe, I am substituting vegetable oil for coconut oil simply due to personal preference.


I melted my coconut oil and added the decarb’d hash


Stir it up!!! It blends so nicely 😋


I can’t lie to you guys! I stole a little for tea since I’m out of my honey.


This is a little careless and I would NOT recommend it if you get paranoid easily because I did not weigh my little pinch at all. I dose heavy often and know I’ll be okay. I’m also kinda in it for the thrill tonight.

YOLO 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈💥



In order to make PB & J cookies, I need to make cookie bars so I combine my ingredients and throw it into a flat bakeware.

Then...I smooth the cookie mixture out evenly into the square container.


Once it’s baked I start making my treats!!!


My final product gives me a total of:

🥜 12 — “50mg” PB&J treats 🥜 21 — “14mg” plain square PB cookies 🥜 3 “sticks” which I’m calling funsticks since they are the crusts around the edges...I will munch on these crispier pieces with my coffee in the morning like biscottis 😋 (kinda Lolol)

I’M DOING MY MATH IN REAL TIME ABOUT AN HOUR AND A HALF INTO BAKING SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME. This comes after my tea dose which rules out any real dosing parameters. REMEMBER this was high potency cooking hash 🚨— which is my justification for taking a little teaser 👅. I am still using the total 1200mgs for 2 reasons to do the math in order to tell friends who will be buying some of these treats so they don’t over dose themselves, and also, because these are mainly for me so I don’t have to stress it.


First we have...the PB cookie & Jelly special = APPROX 50mgs total


This is just pieces cut down with a little grape jelly in the middle. A simple way to look fancy 💁🏻‍♀️


Here’s a little window into how if you give a little you get a LOT!


In the left is what I will keep for myself. On the right is what I will take to my partner”s brother for which he will insist on giving me money. He loves a LOW KEY high and doses low sometimes at just 10mgs at a time. I cut larger pieces of the “28mgs” PB cookies giving him 6 approx 14 mgs pieces and 1 approx 50mg PBJs which he will split in 2 doses guaranteed.


you learn a lot about people when you are responsible for their dosing. I cook for only family and friends and spend a lot of time exploring their weed use prior to giving them anything!!! Just FYI

He gives me $30-$40 upfront for 2 or 3 deliveries of different things I make throughout the month.

That adds up to 350-400mgs out of 1200!!

For about 80- 90% of the total cost 👏


And now for one last surprise!!! And this one is 💥 DANGEROUS 💥



Toss those babies in a jar to sprinkle on my ice cream and...WATCH OUT!!!!

⚠️ these....will FUCK YOU UP ⚠️


I started cooking at around 5 tonight—it’s about 7:15. I’m beyond chill, to say the least.

Good time Johnny just brought me a chocolate milk from wawa and we are heading to his brothers for a special delivery... 😊


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Decarb’d cooking hash meets PB JELLY COOKIE—plus surprise treat at the end 😋
@potspoon created this post on Sep 25, 2019

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