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Curing Amnesia Platinum..... Best Strain I´ve Grown This Season!

By @indaymers on 6 Oct 2019.
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Happy Sunday Stoners!

The last post yesterday was about the harvest and curing of the Bubble Gum strain. It was cut before the Amnesia Platinum went down, but due to my eye mishap, it only got published yesterday. Today, I am sharing with you the images of the Amnesia Platinum that is being cured at the moment. This has been my best grown strain ever as what my post title hinted.


Got Lucky With This Clone!

Indeed I could say that it was pure luck to have gotten a robust weed clone from Hanf & Hanf When I was about to pay at the counter I asked the seller how tall this would be, he said about 1.5 meters high…but it exceeded the height he said …´cause it was skyrocketng at 2 meters even tho the grow container I chose was way too small for the plant. When I´d grow next season, I will choose this strain again .


Strain Info:

Source: Bulk Seed Bank

0% SATIVA – 30% INDICA THC: 16-20% CBD: N/A CBN: N/A GENETICS: Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer FLAVOUR: Amnesia Platinum has a really intense flavour and aroma, with hints of lemon, exotic wood, incense and spices. EFFECTS: It provides a potent, cerebral and invigorating effect.

The original Amnesia Platinum was created by a Dutch breeder, who crossed a famous Haze female plant with a Northern Lights male. Because of the big success and the high demand, the Dutch operator of Amnesia Platinum has produced the first Original Amnesia Platinum Feminised seeds. This Sativa that flowers as an Indica grows fast, it is very productive, and has a manageable height. The plants have a very high potency, with an exceptionally sweet Haze aroma and they are coated with a large amount of resin crystals.



Now I have to be patient with the curing, it´s very important to do the open/close ritual of the glasses to avoid molds and harsh flavor, thereby retaining the potency of the nugs.


Supply Should Last For A While

I now have a good supply to last for a while.. I don´t really puff everyday, only on the days when the pain occurs sporadically, then I grab a J and smoke. I really hope that cannabis legalization would be pushed-thru particularly in those poor countries who cannot afford to buy the expensive medicines.


Recap Of Images Before The Harvest


Grow Outdoor If Possible

I have to tell that I am totally satisfied with this season´s grow. Those of you who are able to plant outdoor in soil is so lucky, so make the most of your weed planting!

![amnesia platinum.jpeg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/indaymers/5110332d38cabf504f0572b3539d3f71172532e8.jpeg)

Up next, I will show you the stash of all my harvested strains! In the meantime…

… Keep puffin´ for a high!


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