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Counseling, Therapy & Cannabis Treatment For Anxiety & Depression

By @goldendawne on 9 Oct 2019.
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Three weeks ago marked the one year anniversary date of my auto collision (when I was at a stop light on a rural road and had been rear-ended by a jack-knifed semi tractor-trailer.


The last 55 weeks has been pure hell on my body (still suffering from numb left hand and fingers, pain in my upper back, left shoulder and neck), on my psyche (attend counseling and therapy two to four times a month to help me handle the anxiety of driving again) and my mental capabilities of dealing with bouts of depression.

While I make all kinds of goodies and edibles for other people, I am not a huge sweet eater who needs to satisfy a sweet tooth; so I bypass these treats.

I prefer to smoke and medicate my depression and anxiety away.


I started seeing a counselor back in February/March of this year and it has been helpful; but not 100%. I keep having issues with driving; whether a passenger or at the wheel.

One time on my way to physical therapy back in January, a semi truck was behind me on the road and I actually pulled off the road into a parking lot and let it pass me.

See… I have this thing about seeing a semi truck in my rear view mirror. It makes me tense and anxiety soon takes over.

My primary care physician has prescribed me an anti-anxiety medication that works on not only anxiety and depression, but is also supposed to help alleviate some of the pain in my upper back, left shoulder and neck. But I only take it at bedtime because it makes me extremely groggy and disorientated. So I can’t very well take this pill during the daytime; or I would be like a zombie.


So for me, self-medicating with cannabis is the way I deal with anxiety and depression during daytime hours.

According to the Canabo Medical Clinic’s website:

Cannabis is known to be psychoactive. Strains with high THC content in particular are known to act on the brain. CBD also works on the brain and could potentially increase serotonin and theoretically help. Medical cannabis could play a role in treating some issues that may lead to the development of depression or control some symptoms of depression. Cannabis can treat chronic pain, for example, which often goes hand in hand with depression. Insomnia and anxiety, which often occur with depression, may also be treated with medical cannabis. This, in turn, can help improve some of the symptoms of depression

So by being able to have, use and consume cannabis whenever I want, in the comfort of my own home and during working hours, I am able to function. Whereas the prescribed medication makes me practically useless for the day, cannabis has allowed me to function and be productive without having serious mental fuzzy brain fog. I get enough of that from my auto-immune disease.

If anyone were to ask me how I cope with the anxiety and depression, I have absolutely no problem stating that cannabis is the drug of choice for me.

I mean, seriously think about it. My doctor prescribes me a pill (but what is in that pill?) that prevents me from being active, whereas my naturally grown cannabis plant gives me back my life; for the most part.

So which would I choose? No brainer…

Between the counseling sessions and my use of cannabis, I hope to make a full mental recovery.

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