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Coronavirus Has Concentrated Our Fears Like An Isolate - #420FreeWrite “Isolate”

By @d00k13 on 22 Mar 2020.
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#420FreeWrite “Isolate”

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Concentrated to the max we find our fears, smoking circles dwindle as stoners fear sharing germs. Those that remain are the ones whom smoke in a circle for the sake of company not mooching a free smoke! I have always been someone to share, on SSI I was always hanging out with the less fortunate. I could get something in return for most of my hospitality from those people but the moochers are never willing to do anything more then take.

Fear the driving factor to pandemic to which responsive action has been taken resulting in isolation. Isolation acting as a concentrating process resulting in a highly potent Fear Isolate. As discussed in my previous post the CBD isolate is missing many cannabinoids which enable a wider array of healing aspects.

With this creative comparison I suggest we are missing many aspects of needed healing by quarantining ourselves.

We as humans have been at war since our discovery of antibiotics. Antibiotics gave us an edge yet the resistance they offer have a side effect. We as a species have been loosing our ability to defend from new threats while creating a climate for faster evolution of new defences. Each time a germ survives an experience it learns and grows stronger while we remain reliant on antibiotics hindering our own evolution.

At what point will we consider our attempts to heal humanity for what they are?

Coronavirus Has Concentrated Our Fears Like An Isolate

But did we not concentrate the evolution of viruses first? No one talks about the viruses that jump from man to animal only those that jump from animal to man. It is highly likely these new strains we see coming from animals were first born inside the human body. We are the challenge after all!

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