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Congress Committee to Meet Discussion May Be HOW to End Federal Cannabis Prohibition, Not IF!

By @douglas.curtis on 3 Jul 2019.
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This May Be The Event We've Been Waiting For!

Frosty-Flowers-smoke-io-image.jpg Marijuana Moment broke the story 18hrs ago.

>A major congressional subcommittee will hold a hearing on marijuana policy next week, Marijuana Moment has learned.

>Though few details about the meeting are currently available, the House Judiciary Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee is expected to discuss various legislative proposals to allow states to set their own cannabis policies without fear of federal intervention.

>Several sources who did not wish to be be identified shared with Marijuana Moment the names of witnesses expected to soon receive formal invitations to testify before the panel on Wednesday, July 10. Given the backgrounds of these individuals, it seems apparent that committee members will be discussing not whether the U.S. should end federal cannabis prohibition, but will focus primarily on how to do it...

Is This It? Will It Begin This Year!?!?

The sane and educated in this country really want to know...

Go BE Awesome!

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