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Concentrate Flight Kit Full Review: Garlic Cookies Budder and True Kush Sugar by Grassroots

By @daddydaycare2x on 12 Oct 2019.
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Initiating Launch Sequence… 3… 2… 1… 🔥🚀

This review will cover the entire flight kit AND the concentrates that accompany it. This one is rocket fuel #smokefam, strap in!

Happy Customer Level: 😍 Happy AF

I took advantage of a deal this week that I can’t wait to share!

If you follow my reviews here on Smoke.io, then it’s no surprise to see another Grassroots product in my stash. For those of you who are just now joining me, I am a licensed medical cannabis patient in the state of Maryland. I try a range of products and I speak about the ones that I love most.

Just a happy customer that enjoys creating content. I am not selling any products.

I’m sure you’ll quickly see why I’m a happy customer when you see the products for yourself. Let’s fire this up, shall we?

Concentrate Flight Kit


Produced by Grassroots Cannabis of Maryland

Purchased at Euphoria Wellness of Maryland

My Wish Was Granted

I tried to purchase this kit last week but there was an error. I got a text from my local dispensary clarifying the error and informed me that the 2 part kit was $75. C1F0136F-1F4D-42F9-B0B2-8B9C7DD771CD.jpeg

A few days later I got a text alert that the deal of the day just happened to be that kit I wanted… On discount for $54.98 😍


I was at Euphoria Wellness within the hour 😆

If you are a licensed Maryland Medical Cannabis Patient/Caregiver 18+ and you want to stay on top of these daily specials - follow Euphoria Wellness on Twitter & never miss out.

What’s Inside the Magic Box?!


Kit Includes:

(x2) 1/2 Gram Concentrates • 1/2g Garlic Cookie Budder + 1/2g True Kush Sugar (x1) Battery (x1) Reusable Concentrate Cartridge / dual coil quartz (x1) Dab Tool (x1) Charger

Beyond the gorgeous packaging is everything I needed to enjoy these ultra-fine concentrates. The battery was even charged and this kit was ready to use right out of the box. I give bonus points for that!

These two #strains are a great team. Let’s take the deep dive if we are really going to #livedeeply 😉

User Guide


Concentrates Reference Guide


Let’s See These Concentrates!


True Kush Sugar Garlic Cookies Budder
C494EA16-8D7C-4E0B-967F-B00269C8DD57.jpeg 40490817-E919-459B-B232-27FD7C0823AA.jpeg
77.6% THC
78.8% THC

Cannabinoid Report 📊

Garlic Cookies Budder • 1.20% THC • 77.60% THCA • 0.50% CBG • 1.30% CBGA • 0.21% a-Pinene • 0.31% b-Pinene • 1.54% b-Myrcene • 2.42% Limonene • 0.02% Ocimene • 0.64% Humulene • 0.16% Nerolidol • 0.03% Caryophyllene Oxide

True Kush Sugar • 5.60% THC • 72.00% THCA • 0.60% CBG • 1.00% CBGA • 0.16% a-Pinene • 0.26% b-Pinene • 1.07% b-Myrcene • 1.40% Limonene • 0.03% Ocimene • 0.02% Terpinolene • 0.57% Linalool • 2.02% b-Caryophyllene • 0.59% Humulene • 0.15% Nerolidol • 0.03% Caryophyllene Oxide

Terpenes | Benefits & Effects | Aroma

--- | --- | --- Myrcene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative | 🍊🍋 Caryophyllene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation | 🍂🌳 Limonene | Anti-Inflammatory, Gastric Reflux, Appetite Control | 🍋 a-Pinene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic | 🌲 b-Pinene | Anti-Depressant, Promotes Alertness | 🌲 Terpinolene | Antioxidant, Sedative, Anticancer, Antibacterial | 🍂🌹🍊 Ocimene | Decongestant, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiseptic | 🌿 Linalool | Anti-Depressant, Anticonvulsant, Pain Relief, Sedative | 🍂🌹🌿 Nerolidol | Anti-Fungal, Antimicrobial, Antiparisitic | 🌹🍊🍋

Garlic Cookies Budder True Kush Sugar
DC8EE57A-1017-4207-A413-4CD32DDA888F.jpeg 1413F4B6-D14E-4196-B435-C5CC68BEB145.jpeg
Aroma: 🍋 Lemon + Pine 🌲 Aroma: 🍒🍋 Fruit + Pine 🌲


⚠️📛 Preparing for Launch 📛⚠️


👀 Closer Look at True Kush Sugar


👀 Closer Look at Garlic Cookies Budder


Launch Sequence Engaged


I sampled Garlic Cookies Budder first, since I am familiar with the strain and have reviewed Garlic Cookies flower here on Smoke.io.

This concentrate harnesses all of those magnificent traits that I loved about the flower, plus some! This Budder really is sweet and tasty! The flavor profile is so complex that I find it difficult to describe.

Very sweet flavor with a lemony-pine that unfolds on the exhale into flavors that I cannot quite identify. It’s a strong and nearly instant buzz that hits after the first pull. Very heady effects that really swell like a wave and a very relaxing, euphoric body sensation swiftly follows.

This concentrate really helps me concentrate. I felt very focused and sharp after I vaped the Garlic Cookies Budder. I actually had to work an event yesterday for a very large corporate client and just a small tug of this had me focused and honed in on my objective tasks. I am sure anymore than a slight pull would’ve taken me to a whole different level, so I stopped with 1. Never felt burned out during my 17 hour day that included 5 hours of driving. A fantastic #strain to use socially and for productive or creative endeavors. I love the flower and the concentrate even more .

The True Kush Sugar was another experience.

I got a lovely lemon-pine-skunk taste on the exhale of this one. Very tasty and also loaded with terpenes. This sugar also boasts a wide and complex spectrum of flavor that is nearly impossible for me to put into words. But I’ll try!

Rich, sweet, piney, fruity, skunky and for lack of a better term - Delicious. It hammers away on the first toke and really hits the body. I didn’t find this one as heady as the Garlic Cookies Budder, but it is certainly a brain-massager. I feel like this sugar really works well with me. A little super-stoned head-high, but a real full body buzz that really set me up for a relaxing night.

Very nice before bed. I find it ultra-relaxing and great for sinking into the mattress for a solid night’s sleep. Deeply relaxing and soothing concentrate.

Mixing The Two Together = Synergy

You know it had to be done. I wanted to combine these two and see what sort of results it would give me. Result: SYNERGY


These two really compliment one another! This is a whole new level. Productivity on blast, pain is MIA, tasting a rainbow of flavors, feeling like the best version of myself that I can be. I love the flavor and effects that these two bring when combined.

Powerhouse of tasty euphoria. I have been enjoying this mixture all morning and afternoon. I loaded the chamber with a chunk about the size of a grain of rice this morning. I had about 5 tokes today off of this pen and it’s still plenty in the chamber.


The Included Concentrate Cartridge & Battery

Easy to use - no buttons, just load it, close it, and inhale. It’s that simple. No temperature settings or buttons to learn, just draw and enjoy. I have and use various different kinds of vape tools and this one is the simplest yet. I like that. I own other tools with more capabilities but I find this easily transportable and I don’t need to be concerned with it firing off in my pocket.

I have had several vapes with buttons AND safety locks mysteriously unlock themselves (requiring 5 rapid, consecutive button presses) and start burning up product on its own. It happens! No worries with this pen because unless there is a vacuum (an inhale) created, it will not heat up. Less is more and sometimes more efficient! It’s simple and it works.

Daddy Daycare 2.0’s 🍩 RATING

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 (5/5) + 🏆

this rating, like all ratings, is made up entirely.

ALL FIVE 🍩’s for the Concentrate Flight Kit Plus a Trophy 🏆 because this deal couldn’t be beaten.

As always, much 💚 to Euphoria Wellness for the epic daily deals and high-fives to Grassroots for another product that I am happy to review. 100% happy customer once again.

State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use #Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.



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