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Canna Con 2020: COMING To A City Near You!!

By @goldendawne on 16 Oct 2019.
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I was able to connect with Canna-Con’s Director of Marketing, Angela Grelle, as the 2019 CannaCon events wrapped up for the year. She gives us what to look forward to next year, which locations/cities were the most successful and an overview of this past year’s feedback and most attended topics.


Q- Now that your first year of Canna-Con has come to an end, how successful were the events? Event attendance counts? A- This was the most successful year for CannaCon to date, we averaged over 5000 attendees at each event, Oklahoma being the biggest of the year.

Q- I imagine you have some GREAT plans for next year to make Canna-Con an even bigger success. I see you’ve added one more event in a city. What makes you decide which cities to pick for the event? A- We try to follow legalization, because we focus on B2B new markets are the best for our attendees and exhibitors.

Q- What were some of your more successful, or highly attended, events at each location? A- Our Oklahoma and Michigan events were our most successful of the year.


Q- Did you see a BIG interest in the cooking sessions? A- More people seem to be gravitating to edibles, will this influence more cooking demonstrations and classes for the 2020 events? Not as much as we expected, Shaun O’Neale has good attendance because he really focuses on the decarb process, dosing, flavors, etc. He does a great job at educating people in his seminars.

Q- Now the 2019 events are over, how is the anticipation level of the organizers for next year? A- We are very excited to see where 2020 takes us, I think Chicago is going to be amazing, our repeat locations are going to continue to grow, and we are watching to see what States legalize in the coming months so we can continue to grow.

Q- What do you think you’ll be adding to the four events next year that weren’t at this past year’s? A- I think we would like to add more networking opportunities in the future for both our attendees and exhibitors. I really feel it is important for the farmers and retail store owners to have a place every year that they can come together and discus and share the successes they are having, best practices they have learned, where they are struggling, legislation issues, etc.


Q- What type of feedback did you get from attendees and vendors? A- We have had a lot of positive feedback, our exhibitors are making great business connections, many selling out of product at the expos, the attendees love seeing all of the new technology that our exhibitors bring, and being able to shop from so many national and international companies all in one place.


Grelle adds- Just how grateful we are to be able to work in this industry, I have had a lot of jobs in my life and the people I get to work with in this industry are by far the best of any I have worked with. We are a small family business and it has been really exciting to watch the company grow along with the industry.


All images were provided by Angela Grelle

For more information about CannaCon 2020, see the website for dates and cities.

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