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BOVA THE MOON....halfmoon

By @grahamsvorten on 20 Dec 2019.
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3A9AC520-E96A-41BB-A331-4BDF688E925D.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

The oldest residential community in the country, Boston’s North End has become home to an array of Italian themed restaurants unlike anything you’ve ever seen, …unless your nearest city has a “little Italy” too, which it probably does.

3929BD02-EA68-4943-B215-ADEDC264E397.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

Originally developed in 1630’s on the Shawmut peninsula, the North End had been the center of commerce and cordage making operations and is now a major tourist attraction. Paul Revere’s actual house is here (b.y.o.Horsie and Quart of beer for all you BKLN types), as is the “always open”, Bova’s Bakery .

1DDA37FA-38F2-43B4-8083-BBCC4E543D39.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

The corner of Prince and Salem streets is a popular late night lyft/uber destination, especially in the summer. The north end was not designed for cars, so the high percentage of one-way streets make for a challenging drive and a complicated maze.

54E80FD0-283D-4CD6-95F7-3B0667238A44.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

There is no parking ever, except for valet parking, so for most people, accessing the treasure trough requires some walking. The walk, aside from counteracting the inevitable and imminent caloric intake, doubles as the perfect setting for twisting one up, to burn on the way to grab some gluten-glory.

D5B49240-8BA9-435D-B601-B24323E47CF3.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

For this walk I’m exercising my liberty by choosing to roll up some De La Haze that I’m really enjoying, and a zig zag paper that I happen to have for times such as this.

317EE376-A3CE-4DA4-89B7-4697FB54FD3C.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

Not one to be outdone by no stinking Cannoli, I also brought out some ammo To make a dab jelly roll.

ACE27CAD-0780-4DFC-8E6D-1A44068A2955.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

Since I’ve been alive I have always gone for the half moon cookie, 0056FC1E-7390-4667-9C16-74C8509D187C.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

my favorite pastry of all time and going down tonight.

680B3BAF-7640-45C0-96E0-50B1FBE5748E.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]

Speaking of which it’s 16° tonight so the joint was a good move, as I was able to smoke it with hands in the jacket pockets.

E3F580CD-C5C9-49F8-9295-3F8A6F6238D7.jpeg [ Image by Joey SLLiks ]