Blazin’ Night Life - Further Logo Concepts

By @d00k13 on 18 May 2020.

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Was a bit of a busy night working Skip The Dishes... really haven’t gotten much accomplished for posting or anything today...


I did get a logo kind of mocked up to give an ideas of what I am shooting for with the background being blended into the badge.

Placed on a round gradient to emphasize the badge or I can use the just blended image above to make it look part of my webpage.

I think I may prefer the white “1” over the blue but I do like the “network” background blended in either way. I will be doing up a few more concepts tonight so I can flush a few final logos out and see how they look on my page. I plan to pull colour theme for my page from the logo which may also look better with the white “1” 🤔


Out Smoking Green Crack


Here is hoping this bad boy will give me the creative buzz to start something video oriented ... I’ll do a vlog maybe 🤔 we will see how I feel after a second... the first just didn’t quite do the trick 😅

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind? For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It's Time To Run That Idea Out? I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain... hit us up in discord 👌

Join The Discord Here

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