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Black On Pot / Snake Hips & Puff - Cook Got Cooked

By @lordoftruth on 4 Dec 2019.
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“Angelou” first smoked #Weed, when she was 18, she believes in Cannabis and isn’t afraid to share her experiences with it. She wrote about Mary Jane, weed, pot and stated she had “Absolutely no fear of using it”. She vividly described in her book “Gather Together in My Name” the sequel to “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.

“Alexandre Dumas”, the author of “The Three Musketeers” and member of “Le Club des Hashishins” in the mid-1800s, was one-quarter black, the son of a half-Haitian slave who became a general in Napoleon’s army. His “Count of Monte Cristo” calls hashish “nothing less than the ambrosia which Hebe served at the table of Jupiter”.

“Armstrong” was open about his use of marijuana. He was also one of the first celebrities to be arrested for smoking a joint. By the 1920s, some states had begun to outlaw marijuana uses, including California. In 1930, Louis Armstrong was famously arrested outside the Cotton Club, where he was performing, for smoking a joint.

“The Black Pearl”, who took Paris by storm with her dancing starting in the 1920s, once presented a “loving cup” filled with marijuana to drummer Buddy Rich.

“The Empress Of The Blues”, was considered “A living symbol of personal freedom” during her lifetime and recorded a song with the line, “Gimme a Reefer” in 1933.

“Queen Latifah”, was arrested with pot and a gun (1996) and she portrayed “The Empress Of The Blues” in an HBO biopic.

“Otis Williams” used to smoke a lot of pot. His song “Take a Stroll Through Your Mind” from their 1970 album “Psychedelic Shack” has been called “An overt 8-minute ode to marijuana usage”.

“Oprah” was asked once if she smokedpot, by a nosey TMZ reporter back in 2012 and her answer was “Do you think I’m going to answer that here? And when “Andy Cohen” asked her in 1993, “When was the last time you smoked marijuana?” she replied, “Uh, 1982.” / Cohen then said, “Let’s hang out after the show,” to which Oprah said, “Okay. I hear it’s gotten better”.

“Goldberg” was admitting she’d smoked before accepting her oscar in 1991, and she wrote a column for the “Denver Post” about her love of the herb. She loves her marijuana vape pen so much that it has a name, she said “The vape pen has changed my life”.

“Ricky Williams” appeared at “The Emerald Cup” on a panel about marijuana and football. He became a cannabis folk hero and role model.

“Montel Williams” has publicly spoken about his use of medical cannabis to treat his MS, and was an early celebrity investor in a cannabis dispensary (long before Snoop got into the act with Eaze).

“Freeman” who has played God, the U.S. President, and “Nelson Mandela”, has become more and more upfront about his love for the marijuana. “Never give up the ganja. It’s God’s own weed”, he told The Guardian in 2003.

So as you see, black women and men, have been at the forefront of the #Cannabis revolution, perhaps for a very long time. The problem is even when I try to look up a black male pothead the last few days, it seems I find a female. Checking out “Milton Berle’s Autobiography”, I found that he smoked pot only once, with “Snake Hips”; Cook. So let us see how Cook Got Cooked !


Louise Cook / Snake Hips

Louise Cook, nicknamed "Snake Hips" was an exotic dancer in Harlem, she was known as one of the best belly dancers within the world, and her act was sensational, with everything going like a flag in a hurricane.

She was one of those rare ladies that men had solely to seem at to require. And that was even standing still. She was light-skinned like the color of coffee with too much cream in it, and she had her hair in an afro, which wasn’t standard gear then.

She appeared in 1931 film “The Exile”, the first sound feature-length film by an African American director “Oscar Micheaux”. She was featured in “The Rain Dance” which, according to the reviews, she performed with great seriousness. “Little Egypt”, wrote the Evening World’s Bide Dudley, “had nothing on Louise Cook, who…had very little on herself.”

She was rumored to have been in a relationship at one point with famous comedian, “Milton Berle”. She smoked #Reefers throughout her career and she tried to turn Berle onto #Marijuana. In his 1974 autobiography, Berle says of Cook

One night, we were parked in my car up along the Hudson, near Connie's Inn and she took out a little brown cigarette and lit it. It smelled funny. I asked what it was, and Louise smiled and said, 'Take a puff." I did and it made me cough so hard I nearly vomited. That was the first and last time I ever tried marijuana!

“Louis Armstrong” and Louise Cook had a job down in ‘Connie’s Inn’ in Harlem, at 131st and 7th Avenue. That club and the Cotton Club were the Hottest Clubs in Harlem at that time. Armstrong enjoyed the weed with her evrry night, before “Connie’s Hot Chocolate” show. He wrote of her, circa 1929:

Ol Louise Cook, I shall never forget her, and her dance. She was so wonderful in her 'Shake dance she would take five and six encores.

Berle wrote that their six month friendship ended when “New York Mirror” columnist “Lee Mortimer” threatened to expose the scandal of their interracial romance. Later Berle wrote that Cook:

Went the Billie Holiday route with booze and God knows what else.. In the mid-1950s she was in jail and ill in Chicago, and bailed her out and about three months later I saw to it that poor Louise Cook had a decent funeral.

The Exile (1931, Louise Cook)

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