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Black Market Cannabis & Fresh Maine Lobster

By @plug on 22 Jul 2019.
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Despite the fact that medical and recreational cannabis are both legal in the State of Maine, the black market continues to be the main source of marijuana for recreational users.

francis-macdonald-6otbby2PCbg-unsplash.jpg Photo by Francis MacDonald on Unsplash

Medical marijuana has been legal in the State of Maine since 1999, and in 2016, Maine’s voters passed the “Adult-Use Act” for the legalization of recreational cannabis. This should be great news for Mainers; however, it has been a kick in the groin instead.

Currently, there are no legal avenues to buy ganja, and the black market is thriving. Not only is the black market booming, but it’s also actually dictating prices in the medical marijuana dispensaries as well. Recent reports by the state’s licensed dispensaries state that sales are down 2 million dollars from 2017 to 2018. The black market is forcing dispensaries to lower their prices like a one-legged prostitute.

What’s it Like to be a Stoner in Maine in 2019?

Life for a stoner in Maine in 2019 doesn’t appear to hold any promising news of legal retail stores opening anytime soon or in the near future.

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Retail stores were slated to open in April; however, a recent $200,000 contract to implement the distribution and sales of Maine’s recreational cannabis with a Los Angeles consultant firm was rescinded by the state. This is also after a long run with Maine’s ex-governor, Paul Lapage who is anything but 420-friendly.

Paul Lapage is known as a racist who was put in the spotlight for his racist remarks about black men who were coming into his state and ruining its reputation with their “drug-dealing endeavors”. He’s also responsible for vetoing numerous bills in Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act and being the “roadblock” to the opening of retail cannabis stores. If you ever see him in the streets, do us all a favor and kick this man in the nuts so he knows how it feels!

Maine’s new elect governor, Janet Mills seems to be listening to the people who passed the law in 2016, but it appears her interests are more on Maine’s fresh lobster and the 2019 tourism industry than opening retail cannabis stores.

The stoners in Maine don’t care about lobsters and clam bakes? They want their rights to legally buy cannabis to hurry up because a wake-n-bake is more important than any clam bake at this point in time.

How the Black Market Impacts Pot Smokers in Maine

Right now, every adult 21 and older in Maine has the right to grow 6 cannabis plants for personal use.

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Smokers are allowed to have up to 2 1/2 ounces of dried flower, and cannabis can be legally gifted. The problem, not everyone has a green thumb like Seth Rogen or the resources to give it away like Lana Rhoades; therefore, unless you have a medical marijuana card?

You still need to buy your weed from the black market, which is illegal in the state of Maine.

Although it’s legal to smoke out of public view if you’re caught buying or selling it on the black market You can still face federal charges.

Additionally, under recent amendments to the Adult Use Act, you must now have your personal amount of cannabis in a child-safety container anytime you leave the house.

It will be a good day in Maine when you can upsmoke your fresh Maine lobster and weed at the same time.