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By @potspoon on 5 Oct 2019.
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Dispensary review can be read here

Banana Diesel may help patients who suffer from muscle spasms, appetite loss, pain and anxiety.


The nugs in this gram are nice looking! A decent size and very sticky.


I have learned more than I ever knew before since joining smoke and reading reviews. I smoked weed. I knew I benefited from it. I am passionate about unlocking the science behind it. But I have really learned how to appreciate it recently!


I’ve learned what strains I particularly enjoy, what they typically look like. And, while I love picking weed strains by name (like I pick nail color), I’ve realized that I should start getting to know my weed on a more intimate level than just first name basis!


I’ve learned that strains appear differently, with different colors, depending on their genetics, but mostly how they are grown and those colors don’t effect the potency (even though I SWEAR darker green strains make me way higher).


And I’m starting to learn more and more about the benefits of carotenoids, anthocyanins, and other flavonoids since I like eating my weed so much!


Take this BANANA DIESEL for example. This is a strain that has been available to me since I started at my dispensary. I never tried it. For one reason, I haven’t been to impressed by the diesels at my dispensary (sour diesel, strawnana diesel), and for another because the potency is 21% THCA.



I was able to work out last night for the first time since my back was hurt. Leaning heavy on indica strains to keep me couch locked has helped my healing process!

This #indica dominant strain will give me those indica effects on this relaxing fall Saturday as I bing season 3 of GOLIATH.


I could definitely smell hints of that fruity, sweet smell when I opened the bag.

The weed tastes delicious! Light & sweet. The pull was heavy in my chest.


Effects (as I experienced them):

High is not too heavy. I took 3 bong hits before leaving with my boyfriend and his sister to shop at Trader Joe’s. I was focused and could keep my shopping list in my memory.

I felt relaxed as I moved about the GROCERY STORE ON A SATURDAY!! (I should put this strain on my con list for the fact that it let me decide to grocery shop on a Saturday alone!)

We spent about 20 mins at the grocery store and then stopped at Panera Bread where we ate in for lunch.

I ordered a Steak & Arugula sandwich that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed! Didn’t feel that MUNCHIE feeling but I definitely was in the zone I call “MINDFUL EATING”.

After eating for another 20 mins or so I have arrived back home and am posting this! It’s about an hour and a half after my smoke session. I’m about to take the dogs for a walk and start another session!