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Bagseed in coco enjoy!

By @underfunded on 28 Jan 2019.
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Here’s my bagseed that I grew in coco and perlite mix. I used a one part nutrient that is used for veg and flower.. just increased in flower. It’s called megacrop and is by Greenleaf nutrients. Here she is just before a 48 hour dark period! 09333487-1976-4880-834A-0660F62C5663.jpeg 493BC94B-DCDB-4BC8-8C55-796938E9E18C.jpeg B43AC69F-0987-4F4B-A1F9-CF88493A10AE.jpeg 8E4B7561-FA44-41AC-A5D7-009D915CF91F.jpeg DA8A1F49-2CE9-49E6-BD20-28BB84520202.jpeg here’s how I know she’s ready.. the trichome heads have changed from clear to a milky color with a lot of them turning amber. This to me is about he perfect time to switch to dark, if your flushed properly! 38A3A179-76D9-40B1-A12A-BDEB15424059.jpeg 34016415-AD3B-42D0-BF46-075009DA0137.jpeg 847CC5DD-EA56-442A-84C5-88547BAC22B8.jpeg cheers fellow smokers!! #grow #weed #coco