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BackYard Cannabis Farming 2019 - Episode 15: Harvest Time & Plans for Next Years Grow

By @elamental on 30 Nov 2019.
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I harvested my grow this year in stages as required by circumstance. The first strain to come down was Vampire Cookies, then the first stage of DMT Dream (that strain came down in three stages). Monsterberry was the next strain to finish, then Sunday Stallion, quickly followed by one of the two Mimosas. The second mimosa came down three days later and produced much better than the first (the second cut was primo quality in comparison). Next came the Blue City Diesel’s which took a bit longer than last season for some reason, which only left the Blue Jack.


The Blue Jack cut stayed up over a week longer than everything else, and still did not finish completely. That was my larfiest strain and I will not elect to grow it again.


Next season I will be growing DMT Dream, Vampire, Monsterberry, Blue City Disel, and maybe Copper-Chem (Chem Dawg/Star Dawg cross) - that ended up being my friend’s leading strain this season on his farm.


This episode’s video shows the damage caused to my last plant left standing due to one final greenhouse collapse, which was what spurred my decision to harvest it that day instead of waiting another week… the nights were also getting to below 40 degrees F pretty consistently at that point which was another factor in my decision. I also explain my plans for next year’s garden, which will include more in-ground plants and raised beds, a few 100 gal pots instead of the 45 gals I have been using, and building proper greenhouses for rain cover.

**Despite all the negatives this season brought, there is still love** ![IMG_20191006_171657_066.jpg](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/elamental/B3mA2hQM-IMG_20191006_171657_066.jpeg)
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Here is the series so far:

Episode 1: Planning Your Grow

Episode 2: Transplanting Cannabis, Organic Pest Control, Strain Varieties

Episode 3: Preparing Your Grow Space, Treating Burnt Plants

Episode 4: Optimal Organic Soil Formula, Creating a Raised In-Ground Bed, Protective Fencing - Minimizing Energy Consumption & Repurposing Materials

Episode 5: Transplanting into Final Grow Space, Topping Plants, & Finishing Animal Fencing

Episode 6: Applying Proper Feedings with Organic Nutrients

Episode 7: Feeding After Topping, Storm Damage, Selective Leaf Removal, & Caging Cannabis

Episode 8: Final Topping, Leaf Removal, & Safely Sacrificing a Male Plant

Episode 9: Understanding the Language of Cannabis - How to Check if Plants Need Water & What Leaf Tip Curling Means

Episode 10: Organic Pest Control Applications, Flushing, & the Delicate Healing of Nutrient Burn Combined with Potential Root Rot

Episode 11: Bamboo Branch Support, Blocking Light Leaks, Switch to Bloom Nutrients, & Beginnings of Greenhouse Construction

Episode 12: Restructuring Supports for High Winds, Reasons NOT to Water When Plants are Drooping, Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies & Solutions

Episode 13 - Greenhouse Complete, Moving Plants for Protection, Wiggle Wire Supports, & Adding Organic Compost Tea

Episode 14: Greenhouse Wind Damage Repair, Caterpillar Infestation Solutions, Releasing Beneficial Bugs, Recognizing Botrytis, Washing Flowers, How to Half a Plant, & Garden Security


[Click here to see the signs of a male plant](https://smoke.io/grow/@elamental/another-male-in-the-garden-example-please-help-verify-before-chop)
[Click here to watch us take down a 7 ft tall male cannabis plant Trailer Park Boys Style](https://smoke.io/grow/@elamental/watch-us-take-down-a-7-foot-tall-cannabis-plant-trailer-park-boys-style-a-tribute-to-the-boyz)
[Click here to see our Blue City Diesel harvested Indoors](https://smoke.io/strains/@elamental/the-beauty-of-blue-city-diesel-cannabis-2019-video-and-photos-of-my-exclusive-organic-purple-nug-porn-harvest)
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Please enjoy episode 15 of this year’s Backyard Cannabis Farming series. Hopefully we all acquire wisdom for growing cannabis effectively and organically together.

From middle of October 2019

**Click pic below to play episode**
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