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Aurora - Thor (Ghost Train Haze)

By @canada on 25 Sep 2019.
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Aurora - Thor (Ghost Train Haze)


Ordered 5 grams of “medicinal cannabis” from Aurora Cannabis.


It comes in an oversized box full of Styrofoam chunks and garbage…


Then it literally took me 10 minutes to finally open the goddamn child proof container


Inside, the count was okay and it smells delicious


The quality is not too bad for irradiated LP weed, smokes well, smells good


The Cannabis was alright I guess, but getting it was a headache.

Aurora charges over $10 shipping for any orders 5 grams or less, which cost me over $50, took 5 days to deliver, and resulted in a lot of wasted packaging, and then an additional 10 minutes struggling to just open the goddamn child proof container.

Nice taste, nice buzz, but it’s not worth the headache and expense you have to go through.

This is the sort of garbage medical cannabis users are subjected to in Canada. Overpriced irradiated weed in a package that many disabled people wouldn’t even be able to open on their own, and currently the ONLY strain available from Aurora with a THC level over 20%.

I could have got over a quarter in under an hour for less from the online local delivery service, but that wouldn’t be government sanctioned cannabis, and could lead to prosecution for daring to defy their overly regulated draconian monopoly that hurts patients, and stifles industry growth.

And people wonder why Canadians are pissed off about so-called “Legalization”.

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Sorry, eh


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