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Are You Growing Cannabis Organically? Juice Of Raw Potatoes Is An Organic Feed, Too!

By @indaymers on 4 Jan 2020.
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Experimental Grow In Andalucia

Hola Stoners!

Today I will share with you another tip on growing cannabis , that is if you are growing organically. I have used ground eggshells, used/brewed coffee and brewed tea leaves as featured before. This time, I will share another organic feed that comes from the kitchen..... and that is the juice of raw potatoes!

A three-year study have been carried-out in Denmark regarding the use of the juice of raw potatoes as feeds and they came to the conclusion that the juice act as fertilizers just like the artificial ones. You can read that complete study here.


I seldom use this feed as I extract the juice of potatoes only when I´m cooking..... and today had been the chance to use it. I made a by-dish we call kartoffel puffer in german ( literally - potato fritters) to go with the meat we´ve had for lunch. I used to give the extracts to my flowering plants and they all thrived.

Although if this is used oftentimes just for this purpose, it may be tedious for anyone to extract the juice because it takes time to gather them. For me, I had a purpose today for the potatoes since I was making use of the by-product "juice" for my experiment. This is my first time to use it for the "girls." I gave the liquid feed directly to the newbies by giving 5 spoonfuls around the plant. I will keep an eye and check the plants daily...Let us see how they grow in the next days.


How To Extract The Juice Of Raw Potatoes

1.. The process is very easy to do, I shredded the peeled potatoes on a clean kitchen cloth. 2.. Then, I wringed the cloth , turning the cloth in one direction to squeeze until the juice of the potato comes out.

3.. Until all the potatoes are done, I gathered the liquid in a glass and added equal part of water to dilute it so that it is not so concentrated.

Remember that there is starch in the liquid, so I was just careful not to have a mishap in my experiment.. small amount is good, I would have to see if the plants have improved after a couple of days.

Facts On Juice of Raw Potatoes

(As Conducted By The Danish Starch Industry)

> Potatoes contain approx. 70% of juice with 5% dry matter - half of which is sugars and protein bringing about 30,000 ppm BOD5 in the concentrated juice. Being a natural product variation occur. The juice also contains potassium and magnesium and a typical analysis of potato fruit juice is: > Nitrogen, N 4,300 ppm equivalent to 26,875 ppm protein Phosphorus, P 490 ppm Potassium, K 4,900 ppm Magnesium, Mg 260 ppm Dry substance 5.1 % The juice may be disposed of by landspreading as a fertilizer Source



c.jpg Potato fritters

d.jpg The Northern Light is doing real good, I hope it continues to grow so green.


I now replaced the 2 Liter plastic cover with a bigger 5 Liter water container because the two auto flowering Northern Light and White Widow are both growing faster under the micro-climate the cover is producing. Now they can grow taller and I would surely have to find a new way to cover them when they reach the top of the plastic cover.


More updates will follow... meanwhile, let´s keep on puffin´for a high!


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