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Any Smoking Footage Your Willing To Submit? - #420FreeWrite “Lit That”

By @d00k13 on 9 Jan 2020.
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Do you remember... the #420FreeWrite?

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Better yet do you remember... start

The time you lit that bong? Roasted that joint? Warmed up them hot knives?

Since your here I’d imagine you caught it in a picture or on video at least once worth talking about, right? I’d like to say the same for myself... so many of epic shots could have been had throughout my years had my mind been in the place it is now! I could have started producing video stock with all the things I’ve been involved with, there is big money in high quality footage which bring me to the focus of this post...

I have a few projects on going and I can find a decent selection of free cannabis image stock but I am having difficulty finding video stock... if you noticed my videos are a little lacking but I manage to tie in other “topic” videos with blending of cannabis images...

Looking forward for this prompts video while working on the yet to be release video I can find plenty of smoke and fire video shots but nearly none of lighting a joint or bong... at least free... one day I’ll cough up the $400 for a yearly subscription of shutter-stock but not now!

I realized while watching @offgrid #smokecryptominute video I should ask the community... end


Any Smoking Footage Your Willing To Submit?

How about this? Drop links in the comments if you are the author and state you give permission for me to use your video/pictures/audio in my #420FreeWrite or any Free Use #Smoke-io & #Smoke-Network Templates that I create 🙏 any help on this would be deeply appreciated ❤️

Relaunching The #420FreeWrite With Prompt “Lit That”

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