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Another Pandemic Dont lose your Mind Wordsearch Contest

By @tecnosgirl on 25 Mar 2020.
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This one is gonna be different from the crossword puzzle

Which hasn't been completed yet and the first one to complete it with the correct answers win. So if you like crossword puzzles, you might like it. You can find that one here. Today's Pandemic Don't lose your Mind contest is a word search. I will leave this open for a week, everyone who completes the puzzle will get a 100% upsmoke for participating and one lucky person will get a customized Smoke.io keyring with their user name engraved in it.

Screenshot_2020-03-24 Download Word Search on Indica Dominate Strains.png

smoke keyring.jpeg The other side will have your username on it if you win

So complete the word search

Post it in the comments below and you will be assigned a number, I will randomly pick a winner in 7 days at the close of this post to win the customized keyring with their user name engraved. All entries will also receive a 100% upsmoke from me. So get your entries in, and don't lose your mind during the pandemic lockdowns. Till next time stoners, puff puff, and don't pass, mess up the rotation to keep everyone you care about safe. Peace and love.