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Alright Smokers, Just Sitting Down To Write.... My Fiance Finished That Smoke.io Puzzle....

By @d00k13 on 17 Mar 2020.
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Crazy Days

There is no doubt there... with all things happening I have concerns for the global economy but with myself and fiance both working in essential industries there really is nothing for me to worry about.. at least I hope... I would even bet that my Skip The Dishes job will pick right up as restaurants will want to close their doors while remaining running πŸ˜‰

So, this week has been a write off and it looks like there is at least another month to go of FUD flinging panic purchasing consumerism. At work right now things have gone nuts...

Seriously With The Announcement Justin Trudeau Made

Overnight things went from normally slow in days previous to twice what we have seen all through the peaks of holiday sales. The fear and panic is real, the issue is not supply but only hands being able to get those supplies onto shelves. Yes, we are seeing unprecedented intervention for this virus outbreak but this is only surprising because we have never seen preventative measures put in place as they cannot nor have ever tried to stop the flu. Coronavirus is nothing new, this strain is and in that lies the concerns for our safety as we have not the antibodies to deal with it and reinfection remains a possibility...

I Still Wonder Why Such Fear πŸ€”

Stupid shit but not the end of the world...

As Smokers we are in the high risk category, some will argue that smoking weed does not place you there but I argue only if your using a high quality vaporizer hat does not damage your lungs.

That being said, we should take all measures to protect ourselves including but not limited to what has been pushed all over the media πŸ˜… some things I would suggest going forward would be

  • Not sharing joints / pipes / bongs / lighters (easily spread with anything put to face)
  • Treat all packages as contaminated ( this virus can survive 9-days outside the body so better safe then sorry )
  • Don't smoke near people just in case you cough ( fear IMO will be the most destructive aspect of this outbreak )

Ultimately I suggest preparing for what happens when you do get infected, this will be the most likely outcome over time. Eventually you will be infected by this virus but the question will be how long from now and will we have a treatment developed for it... I assume it will just get lumped into the cold/flu season illnesses we will forever have to watch out for...

So What Do We Do Once Infected?

Self Quarantine, seems kind of ridiculous to me when the illness does not present symptoms till much after the point of becoming contagious but that is what their plan is to slow down the spread. I see everything that is happening as just a reaction to the fear and possible outcomes this will have for our global economy, I lean towards the perpetuated mindset. We have been long overdue for a retraction in the financial space, some bubbles need to pop to support the cluster. Could this not be the perfect opportunity to do so? Now I am not saying this illness is not real, I am merely stating that business will always take...

Advantage Of An Opportunity

Did you notice the record breaking coincidences?

As for myself, I will be taking the opportunity to enjoy myself no matter what! We have prepared as best we can and both the fiance and I have ready access to food through work. The only concern that remains is distractions while stuck in doors...

IMG_3198 (2).jpg

In the few days leading up to the announcement for Canada, my fiance Melissa, completed the puzzle we received from @TecnosGirl as Roach Prize πŸ˜… she finished it right before my eyes in a matter of minutes. Had I known it would be so quick for her I would have recorded a video and made it into a time-lapse, always next time she puts it together. Most of what we have for distractions rely on internet or at the very least power, I don't suspect either to cut out but we have prepared just in case.

We grabbed the card games from the camping supplies and pulled the board games out of storage. Have plenty of paper and pens/pencils and candles for light. Charged every last battery I could find including the Portable Karaoke Machine, never know when I might feel like screaming at people from the balcony πŸ˜…. Plenty of books and magazines around to read...

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The only real complication I will be experiencing is having to be obsessive with washing hands each time I have to go outside to smoke a joint... may be an excuse to cut back for a bit but I won't be going with out my green LOL I did just pickup 6 OZ the other week for my upcoming vacation but who knows if that is happening now πŸ˜‰ either way we are set for 2 months.

Till Next Time Smokers....

@D00k13 OUT!!!

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